X Alternate

A war wasteland, no evident life. Once inhabited by a race of Observers, able to travel to other Alternates.

The crew of the USS Redeemer ended up here after using their wormhole generator to escape an expansion of The Void. The generator was damaged at the time and did not send them to their desired co-ordinates, instead stranding them here.

Chased by Admiral Loran from ^013 through this deserted universe, Professor Nishichiro and Commander McNamara came into contact with a holographic representation left behind by one of this alternates former inhabitants. They were able to foresee the coming of the Void and, realising that they would cause more damage by exploring other alternates, they outlawed all travel outside their own universe.

This brought them to blows with many opponents of this decision, leading to a war that (presumably) wiped out the major forms of life within this alternate.

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