USS Venger


Experimental starship, With a design overseen by Starfleet's Intelligence department, built in secret, and dealing almost solely in Intel/Black Ops, the USS Venger has never truly been officially recognised by Starfleet's records. The fact that, years after her initial testing and proving missions, she still bears her NX prefix is a testament to this.

The Venger was one of the first starships to successfully incorporate and actively use the Phasing Cloak, previously tested aboard the USS Pegasus. This enabled her to operate in restricted space and otherwise sensitive territories, which formed a large part of her function as an Intelligence ship.

Prior to the conflict with the Valkurak Alliance, Rear Admiral Elias Novaq (then a Captain) served as the Commanding Officer of the Venger, before a tragic incident - which involved the death of his son - led to his demotion and removal from vessel. The mantel fell to Captain Benjamin Maxwell, who has commanded her ever since.

The USS Venger was part of the rogue fleet led by Admiral Lawrence Drake which disappeared following the end of the Valkurak War, and continues to serve in that capacity since their return - and re-integration - into Starfleet.


Commanding Officer: Commodore Benjamin Maxwell

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