USS Shinigami


Given her ageing frame and battered appearance, it would be easy to dismiss the Shinigami as nothing more than scrap. Yet, what she lacks in aesthetics, she more than makes up for in armour and firepower. Inside and out, the key principle appears to be function first: upgrades and weaponry have been grafted on, equipment fitted wherever possible. Style and luxury do not come into consideration.

In addition, she is often flanked by two Sabre-class vessels, Sabre-A and Sabre-B. These operated by subordinates of Vicars (one male and one female), both called Janus with the rank of Commander.


Commanding Officer: Captain Tolvin Vicars


Class: Ambassador (Uprated)
Designation: Heavy Cruiser
Commissioned: 2301
Crew: 550


Maximum Cruising Speed: (Undefined)
Mass: 3.75 million metric tonnes
Length: 526m
Decks: 24

(Other elements classified)

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