USS Lightning



The USS Lightning (Prometheus class) is the Flagship for Starfleet Intelligence, under the command of Admiral David Luc . However, the number of Intelligence-designated vessels is few and are usually of a experimental nature. Once a ship class is mass-produced, it usually loses it's Intelligence designation and classification.

The Lightning has a slightly more enhanced system than the standard Prometheus-class vessel. One of the more notable features is a three-part cloaking device. Each of the three sections of the Lightning is equipped with a cloak, so that the ship can cloak when in standard configuration, or cloak when separated into three sections.


In standard configuration, a ship of this class is composed of an arrowhead-shaped primary hull attached directly to a short, small secondary hull supporting four warp nacelles on short pylons in an 'X' configuration. In battle, this ship may divide into three ships — the saucer, the upper engineering hull, and the lower engineering hull — to allow for multiple independently moving weapons platforms, an expansion on the Galaxy class' concept of saucer separation. The saucer has two small warp nacelles that are stored in recesses while joined and extend once the saucer has separated.

This class also has enhanced defenses including ablative armor and regenerative deflector shields.


The class makes much greater use of holographic systems than earlier vessels. The entire ship is fitted with holographic projectors, allowing the ship's Emergency Medical Hologram to move outside sickbay, enabling him to treat injuries sustained during battle as quickly as possible.

The Prometheus class is a test bed of technologies being researched by Starfleet. Because of this, it has some features and capabilities which have proven useful, such as Multi Vector Assault Mode (MVAM) in which the ship is able to split into three autonomous smaller ships, each of which can independently target and destroy attacking enemies.


Commanding Officer: Captain Breanne Neal

First Officer - Commander Leo James
Tactical Officer - Lt. Commander Michael Liebe
Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Ellen Marie
Chief Engineer - Lt. Commander Henry Voltz
Helmsman - Lieutenant Dan Reasoner

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