USS Liberty


The Tiberius-class refit has several benefits over the standard Tiberius-class. The most obvious of these is the improved weapons capability it has. In addition to this the Tiberius-class refit is equipped with dedicated industrial replicators which provide an unlimited source of torpedoes during extended missions. Also, the ablative hull is up to three times denser than normal in places. A recent upgrade was the infusion of Neutronium at the base level into the hull structure.

The ship design builds on the modular aspect of the original. Whereas the standard-type was outfitted with an equipment module, the refit uses the same ports to carry a separate vessel designed for planetary landings and atmospheric manoeuvring. This type of vessel, christened 'Remoras', can disengage and re-engage at will. It can hold up to 220 personnel within safety limits, and is equiped with the same weapons as the main ship. Though it is designed for intraplanetary use, the Remoras is able to work in space at almost equal efficiency. The modular design means that it is possible to replace the Remoras with a cargo-hold or additional weapons, depending on the mission type. There are three modular ports though only the one under the saucer-section is in use at this time.

The original Active Computer System has been overhauled and now plays a less intrusive role in the running of the ship. Personality subroutines have been removed entirely as these are thought to be responsible for the glitches in the original programme. Otherwise, it provides with shipwide security and alerts the crew to possible dangers. It is also capable of emergency manuoeuvres in the case of a incapacitated crew. It can also prevent power surges into consoles, thereby protecting the crew.

Further, the internal system is fitted with Holo-console generators capable of forming task-specific interfaces. They can either be temporary or fully replicated versions, for more permanent use. They use the generators located across the ship previously used for the phaser mounts.

Launched under the Advanced Starship Design Bureau by Vice-Admiral Yeoh, Supervisor, Titan Fleetyards in late 2376.


USS Liberty was formerly commanded by Rear Admiral Elias Novaq, now Admiral Rocastle.


(All information refers to the ship WHILST the Remoras is docked.)

Catagory : Tactical Heavy Cruiser
Year of construction : 2376
Launched on Stardate : 429668.05

Number of officers : 320
Number of enlisted : 800
Number of civilians : 150
Maximum capacity : 2100

Hull material : Duranium/Neutronium Duel-hull
Standard coverage : 10cm Ablative
Vital sytems : 30cm Ablative
Number of decks : 32

Length : 752 meters
Beam : 470 meters
Height : 197 meters

Type of warp engine : 2 MARA III
Maximum warp speed : 9.984
At maximum time : 25 hours

Type of impulse engine : 3 Type I
Maximum impulse speed : 0.97 Cochrane
At maximum time : 130 years

Type of manuoeuvring thrusters : 9 RCS

Torpedo launchers:
Fore : 4 x Rapid-fire, 4 x Standard
Lateral : 2 x Standard
Aft : 4 x Standard
Type of torpedoes : Quantum/Tricobolt
Number of torpedoes : 2200 (Max Capacity)

Phaser arrays:
Saucer : 6 x Type XII
Stardrive : 8 x Type XII
Remoras : 2 x Type XI
Total: 120,000 TeraJoules
Firing arc : 360 Degrees

Phaser cannons:
Saucer : 2 x Twin-Class-I Rapid Fire
Stardrive : 2 x Twin-Class-I Rapid Fire
Remoras : 2 x Class-I Rapid Fire
Shots per burst : 8
Recharge time : 3 sec.

Shields : Regenerative Metaphasic shields
Total Output: 4,700,000 TeraJoules

Computer system : LCARS 2.5
Sensor palets : 5 Palets
Deflectors: 1 Main Navigational Deflector, 1 Auxiliary
Replicators: Class-4 CFI Industrial Standard

(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 1,900
Torpedo Firepower : 5,950
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 2,000
Shield Strength : 1,800
Hull Armour : 2,800
Speed : 3,800
Combat Maneuverability : 3,700
Overall Strength Index: 3,250

Diplomatic Capability: Grade 3

Expected duration : 100 years
Years between resupply : 2 years
Years between refit : 10 years

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