USS Avatar


This heavily modified Sovereign-class is the flagship of the fleet commanded by the former Starfleet Admiral, Lawrence Drake. Though many of her external upgrades are apparent, it is strongly suspected that further changes to it's specifications may have taken place since she disappeared with Drake's fleet following the end of the Valkurak War.

The Avatar is readily distinguishable from others of it's class by the black trim on the hull and Gauss Cannon mounted on the underside of the Saucer Section.


Commanding Officer: Admiral Lawrence Drake
Executive Officer: Commander Wilczek


Class: Sovereign (Uprated)
Designation: Explorer
Commissioned: 2374
Construction Period: 2372-present
Crew: 500

15 x Type XV Phaser arrays
6 x Rapid Photon/Quantum Torpedo Launchers
1 x Gauss Cannon

Maximum Cruising Speed: (undefined)
Mass: 3.5 million metric tonnes
Length: 685m
Decks: 29

(Other elements classified)

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