The Starfleet tricorder is a dynamic and ubiquitous sensing device developed by Starfleet R&D specifically for use by Federation Starfleet personnel.

Varying models of the Starfleet tricorder were put into service, beginning as early as the 23rd century through the 24th century, possibly lasting well into the 29th century.

TR-580 Tricorder X



The TR-580 Mark X Tricorder features nearly identical control interfaces as its previous tricorder model. The entire unit, however, was streamlined and made much smaller, featuring a more angular design.

Functioning very much like the previous model of Starfleet tricorder, the Mark Xs were stored in most equipment lockers on board Federation starships.



Introduced as late as 2379, yet another iteration of Starfleet tricorder departed from the distinct, flip-open style preceding it.

Distinguished by a slim, PADD-like appearance, the tricorder in use aboard such Starfleet vessels as the Enterprise-E in the late 2370s featured a large touchscreen interface. Silver in color, it was trimmed with black pads at the bottom and sides, with several buttons at the top. These buttons could be covered by a small hinged door, lined with indicator lights.

Among common data gathering tasks, this version tricorder could be used to interface with starship systems including forcefield control.

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