Timeline And Key Events


  1. Starfleet creates it's first (stable) artificial wormhole via a generator on board the USS Edwin Abbot.


  1. Discovery of Void in Sector 49.
  2. Starfleet establishes Project Infinite (PI).
  3. Admiral Rey, Head of Science and Project Director of PI is lost in a sudden expansion of The Void. Captain Albertine promoted to Project Director.
  4. Rear Admiral Novaq first contacted by Starfleet about The Void. After reuniting with much of his old crew, Novaq is given charge over Field Operations at PI.
  5. Rukakon sign Treaty of Non-Agression with Starfleet.
  6. Professor Nishichiro located and brought on board PI.
  7. USS Valiant (Defiant-class) is assigned to PI.
  8. First venture into an alternate world (as part of PI).
  9. USS Wolverine discovered in Alternate 004 (^004).
  10. Development of the Redeemer-class prototype using Lloigor technology.
  11. Admiral Novaq is persumed dead, Captain Seth takes command of SB 24 and PI.


  1. Commander Mudak takes command of Project Phoenix.
  2. The artifact Orobas is discovered in Alternate 012.
  3. A Rukakon outpost is discovered by PI and a single surviving Rukakon is taken captive by PI.
  4. Admiral Loran of Alternate 013 gains special powers from the Progenitor artifact.
  5. Starbase 24, H-2 Outpost, and the sensor net is consumed by the Void, after being disrupted by an external Rukukon assault.
  6. Redeemer is lost in an unclassified alternate. ^Loran becomes completely encompassed by the Progenitor's powers.
  7. Captain Seth is relieved as commander of Project Infinite.
  8. Commodore Stephen Zelazko is given command of PI.
  9. Starbase Trinity Core is assigned as PI's new base of operations.


  1. The Followers of the Reckoning mark their first appearance at Majenware.
  2. The Maiden Colony is evacuated under false pretences.
  3. The President of the Federation is assassinated.
  4. San Francisco (including Starfleet HQ & the academy) is bombed, killing over a million people.
  5. Siro Jarvien becomes both head of Starfleet and President of the Federation, under Martial Law.
  6. Admiral Drake is readmitted into Starfleet, his crimes dismissed.
  7. Several large scale attacks by the Followers of the Reckoning take place on several key worlds, including Earth, Qo'noS and Ferengiar.
  8. The Followers of the Reckoning are defeated at Pyxis as the planet is swallowed by a new section of The Void.
  9. Captain Nagashira returns to take over PI from Commander Daggett.
  10. The Progenitor appears at Karfaeg, triggering it's destruction.
  11. The Rukakon capture Earth and Mars. However, President Jarvinen and the Federation Council refuse to order an official surrender.
  12. A malfunction sends the USS Redeemer into the path of The Void, with all hands lost.
  13. The Ghost section of Starbase Trinity Core mysteriously disappears.


  1. Commander McNamara is promoted to Chief of Field Operations of PI.
  2. Those lost to the Void find themselves in the black room, a prison of some design.
  3. On a mission to recruit the Romulans to the allied cause, it is discovered that Romulus itself has been taken by the Void.
  4. The war escalates, leading to the genocide of millions of Federation citizens.
  5. Led by Admiral Novaq, those trapped in the black room are freed and set about a mission to escape The Void itself, which is not the all-destructive force it was thought to be. Rather than being the absence of matter, it is a vast collection of everything which has fallen into its space.
  6. Allied with the Rukakon, the Cardassians turn their focus to Bajor.
  7. Earth and the Sol system is evacuated shortly before it is consumed by The Void.
  8. The Purity reveal themselves as those in control of the black room and the dominant power within The Void.
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