The Progenitor (World Walker)

The Progenitor (also known as World Walker)

(As there is no definitive evidence or research into the existance of this individual, much of the information below is to be regarded as hearsay.)

Race : MetaHuman
Complexion : Black/White
Height : 8'0"
Hair : None
Eye color : Varies

The Progenitor is believed to have been created in an alternate timeline where the Eugenics Wars (1992-1996) took place. His appearances since have been sporadic, but at some point he was captured by Starfleet. The means by which he was held were known only to those who imprisoned him: most recently, Doctors Ormazd Obst and Ahriman Pyre, both deceased. An occurance in 2378 apparently set him free.

One of his first public acts was to assist the Valkurak Alliance in sealing the Wierz Expanse. During the completion of this task he engaged in a fight with Commander Uziel Morningstar, whom he killed at the scene. Among his many powers is to directly absorb energy from anything in his proximity, thus not only rendering his foes weakened, but also becoming even more powerful depending on the strength of his opponent.

He has an apparent abillity to move between universes/alternates at will, hence also being known as the "World Walker". In Alternate 013, a sample of his DNA (referred to as an 'artifact') was discovered on a planetoid and absorbed into the indiginous Admiral Neilan Loran of that universe. This has granted Loran access to some of the Progenitor's powers, though perhaps not without consequence: the dominant DNA of the Progenitor appears to be overwriting his own. In addition to this, it is possible that the Progenitor is seeking to reunite with his errant DNA. Neilan Loran / Progenitor Symbiont

Notes of Interest

The Progenitor made his first appearance in ST:TI in the World Walker episode.

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