The Black Dragons

The Black Dragons are a well known assassins for hire.


Kendrik: Formerly the second-in-command under Captain Boloss, he has inherited the leadership of the mercenary company called the Black Dragons since the Black Dragon himself has moved on to bigger and better things. He's human, fairly cocky, and astoundingly lethal.
Think of him as Autumn's big brother, because he basically is.

Tarsz: Nausicaan. Nominal second-in-command now, but not really bright enough to act in that role. Leads by inertia. Huge, not very smart but competent.

Fleet: Tech-genius who lacks the necessary social skills to form complete sentences. He's gone through geek into total uselessness. Seriously, Sully interacts with people better than Fleet does. The Dragons take care of him because he can build things and make their
ship work. Human. Engineer when they're on a ship.

McCoy: Also a tech-geek, although of a more moderate sort. Human. Red forked beard. Unlike Fleet, McCoy can fly a ship and shoot people if need be. Communications when they're on a ship.

Oz: Not human. Has no mouth. Cannot speak. Very good pilot, inexplicably, and decent at other things. Probably a plant – as in, a vegetable, not as in a spy or a mole. Helmsman when they're on a ship.

Scar: Burly, grizzled, one-eyed Caitian. Grey fur suggests he's old. Lethal quickness and strength suggest otherwise. This is what happens when a Caitian's love of hunting goes sour. Gunnery when on a ship.

Valan: Romulan mercenary. Exactly as deadly as he sounds. Smooth, unruffled, competent, Ops officer.

Isp and Osp: Vok thugs. Apparently ex-Imperial Dragon Guard, whatever that is.

Notes of Interest

Autumn Baval and Antos Kerr were both former members of the Black Dragons

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