Starfleet Conspiracy

Common reference to the large and far-reaching corruption within Starfleet between (approximately) the mid-2370s and 2380, when key evidence was brought to light against them. Following this, Starfleet began to hunt down and bring all corrupt elements to justice in what is loosely referred to as the 'Purge'.

Key Conspirators

Admiral Lawrence Drake

Admiral Neilan Loran

Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr.

Admiral T'Kon:
Vulcan, senior member of Starfleet Command. Became Head of Security following Drake's dismissal. Ordered a 'clean-up' of evidence just prior to the Purge, which included the murder of several of his fellow conspirators. Turned himself in, but refused to give evidence on anyone but himself.

Admiral Hyacint Kohler:

Admiral Valdemar:

Vice-Admiral Dorus Brophe:
Conspirator killed by Colonel Bright during T'Kon's 'clean-up'. Had previously led the revitalisation of the (now defunct) MOvement for the NOn-COnfrontational REsolution of the Valkurak War (MONOCORE).

Captain Tolvin Vicars:
Commanded the Intelligence vessel USS Albion before it was crippled by the Redeemer over the gas giant in the Tygress System. Fled before being captured.

Captain Bonmar:
Commanded the USS Leystar, linked with the failed attempt assassinate members of Project Infinite, he was killed during the fight against the USS Saint Leonard over the planet Memorial.

Captain Soban:
Commanding Officer of the Akira-class USS Odin. Killed during a firefight with the USS Liberty just prior to the Purge.

Colonel Bright:
Lead a detatchment of Marines on T'Kon's orders, took his own life before being captured himself.

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