Section 7

Section 7 is the name of the covert organization, founded by 7 members of various nation Intelligence. Number 7 is indicative of divine perfection and completion, hence there can only be 7 members at a time, no more no less. The only way a member is removed from the 7 is by death. The senior member is considered 1 and the youngest member 7. The more of the seniority and longer the membership, the higher ranked. If a member dies, all members below him move up in position. The member highest in ranking moves up appointed slot and a new member is replaced to take the number 7 slot.

Current Members
  1. Sorik
  2. Admiral David Luc
  3. Rear Admiral P'Trell
  4. Faughn
  5. Commodore Stephen Zelazko
  6. Mr. Keys
  7. Commander Evan James McNamara

Notes of Interest

Admiral Neilan Loran was once a member of Section Seven.

Rear Admiral Elias Novaq was once offered a spot in the Seven, which he declined due to his distrust of Loran.

Evan McNamara was chosen by the Seven, not only for his intelligence and skill, but because he is the universal opposite of Neilan Loran.

Section Seven disbanded in 2382 due to death in the membership, and the fear of discovery.

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