Rukakon Hierarchy Personnel

Listed in order of descending rank (see also Rukakon Hierarchy).

Ser Talvad:
Senior officer and leader of the Rukakon Military, Ser Talvad dictated much of their actions during the Valkurak War. Even working under the Valkurak's War Leader (a Denubian known as Ty'Ida Moroda), Talvad was key in devising overall strategy and tactics, but was also personally responsible for some of their worst atrocities, including the use of large scale biological weapons against civilian targets.

Following the collapse of the Valkurak Alliance, Talvad took charge of the military to evacuate the Rukakon homeworld, eventually relocating to unclaimed space closer to the Federation border. He is currently stationed at the Rukakon Operations Centre where it is suspected he is rebuilding their forces.

Given his position (reporting almost certainly direct to the Royal Communion), it is most likely that Ser Talvad is of the Royal Guard, although given much of who he is is shrouded in secrecy, this is purely supposition.


Sekt Ifurnus:
Commanding Officer of the Rukakon OrbitalCruiser Khorus. Believed to be responsible for the attack on the Runabout, USS Witten, which left five dead and Ensign Shaya Aleston lucky to be alive. The Khorus was also present and actively participated in the loss of Starbase 24 to the Void.

Ifurnus is a calm, meticulous figure and loyal to both Ser Talvad and the Hierarchy. As such, the Khorus is often charged with key missions and has even played host to one of the Royal Communion themselves. As his ship bears the markings of the Royal Guard, it is given that Ifurnus himself is of such descent.

Sekt Xette:
Xette (shet-Tee) descends from a noble house that traces its origins back five millennia. He is the last of his line since his family long ago decreed only one male air to the family be allowed to grow to adulthood to avoid house infighting. Since the death of his father prior to the Valkirak War, Xette has married off his three sisters to the Imperial house in an effort to build his power base. He keeps an ambition to attain the rank of Ser an intensely discreet secret unto himself, but Ser Talvad has long ago surmised as much. Xette despises Talvad for his imperious behavior, but follows his orders to the letter so as not to jeopardize his future plans.

Xette commands an Elite Fleet Squadron aboard his flagship the Heavy Cruiser RCV Resonance. During the Valkirak War he demonstrated a far-reaching strategic instinct, and a tactical genius for orderly withdrawals. Crews under his command cling to the impression he's concerned for their well-being which is regrettably false. Over the years and during the Valkirak War, Xette has built up his squadron to the the largest in the Hierarchy. He loathes losses in combat since it erodes his aspirations to power.

Xette's private life is known to be rather alarming even by Rukakon standards. His sexual orientation favors sadism, and he's quite brutally killed four Rukakon wives in quick succession. Despite his line's encroaching extinction, Sekt Xette will not, or cannot, stop his habit of slaughtering females he's attracted to. One rumor claims he was almost killed by a captured Klingon woman. He managed to survive the encounter, but not before the Klingon told him about Captain Alandra Bexley and her clone. He's nursed a raging desire for Bexley ever since.

This deviant behavior aside, Xette is an extremely capable officer. He's known for his attention to detail, and explicit planning. His losses during the Valkirak War were the lightest of any Sekt, while his triumphs, while not sweeping or numerous, were solid and well-executed.

After the war, he inherited Etik Kreeg from another Sekt who held a grudge against him. Xette hates Kreeg even more than Talvad; seeing the Etik as an upstart peasant who defies his authority.

Etik Kreeg:
Kreeg was born to a large family of merchants and artisans on the Rukakon world of Hukho. His family is of modest means, but they encouraged the brilliant boy to aspire to a better life. He left home at the age of ten for the military, and never looked back. He started the Valkirak War as a simple Cher (Ensign), but attrition and his obvious skill in warcraft saw him end the war as an Etik. No other commoner in Rukakon history has ever risen so far so fast. Even the legendary Etik Brun of the Rukakon Halo War five hundred years before only managed the rank on his deathbed. That Kreeg managed to attain so lofty a station in the Elite Guard is doubly irksome to his superiors since they see him as a rogue peasant who belongs in the High Guard as a common soldier.

Kreeg's personal life is a mess by the standards of the nobility. He has twelve children, all by different females including four sons. He's used his influence to have his eldest son Nar Tixlan assigned to his flagship the Bulk Cruiser RCV Fulcrum. His other three sons are too young for service. He donates lavish sums to the dowry's of his eight daughters, but hopes to marry them off to the Nobility to establish his own Noble line. All of his former lovers remain devoted to him, and all of his children were born of adulterous liaisons. This does not endear him to the noble houses in the slightest, nor does his caste support such behavior. He tends to keep his most recent conquests with him aboard the Fulcrum.

Kreeg is a tactical genius. During the Valkirak War, he never lost an engagement, nor did he suffer particularly bad losses. He has a reputation for audacity and improvisation that more than made up for the small size of his forces at every turn. He has a deep and abiding concern for his men, but he doesn't hesitate to order them to their deaths. His command style is familial, friendly, and he endeavors to make his subordinates understand his methods. If someone under his command voices a better idea, he's not above discarding his own. As a result, his tactics are constantly evolving the Fulcrum's order of battle.

His loyalty to the Rukakon is perhaps stauncher than the patriotism of the nobility, but his views are so pragmatic he's distrusted by his superiors as something like a heretic. But since his views are so malleable, Kreeg tends to be well regarded by Rukakon allies. The Chieftains of the Pfing follow Kreeg without question secure in the notion he will be sympathetic to their needs even when he treats them like cannon fodder.

Etik Viekan:
Viekan is an extremely talented, highly decorated, officer in the Rukukon military. A decendant of noble birth, his family name is reveared as one of the highest in the Rukukon hierarchy. It is thought by most that Viekan will ascend to the highest of military ranks with ease. He follows commands to a fault, and shows no regret in the things he does. He is extremely loyal to Ser Talvad and focuses his actions for the betterment of all Rukukon. A decorated war hero, Viekan's command style is highly respected and mirrored by some. His battle tactics are extremely well planned, as he is cerebral in everything he does. He was a vital part of many of the Rukukon victorys in the Valkurak war. He currently commands the MassCruiser Sukhon.

Nar Tixlan:
The eldest son of Etik Kreeg, Tixlan is something of a star pupil in the classroom of his father. Well aware of his father's brilliance, Tixlan often plays devil's advocate to Kreeg's tactics. This contrary role has deeper roots than Kreeg understands. Tixlan resents his mother's casual dismissal by his father, and serves under him partially in an effort to keep tabs on Kreeg's womanizing.

Tixlan has a small family of his own, but he's far more attentive to his consort and children than Kreeg was while he grew up. He's a doting father and a faithful mate despite his consort's frequent dalliances. Both his father and his children have encouraged him to dispose of his mate, but he refuses to fall into the habits that led to his disillusion.

Still, Tixlan enjoys the command Kreeg has built, and emulates his command style. He tends to be a harsher disciplinarian than Kreeg, but no one has ever accused him of injustice. His men admire his stoic resolve, friendly manner, and unflinching stance with authority. He's hard to intimidate, and fiercely protective of the crew of the Fulcrum.

Tixlan is the mouthpiece of Kreeg. While Kreeg will speak to other Rukakon over com channels, he demurs all but essential face-to-face contact with outsiders excluding allies. Tixlan is a wise choice in this regard. His oratory skills and his firebrand style with opponents play well for Kreeg's public face disguising the thoughtful man from his opponents.

Nar Zaeg:
Zaeg is the executive officer of the MassCruiser Sukhon, under the command of Etik Viekan. Zaeg is a dedicated officer and has risen through the ranks despite his relatively unimpressive bloodline. He respects Etik Viekan, but tends to be the voice of reason, when Viekan is in one of his more nasty moods. While Viekan follows Rukukon orders without question, Zaeg often sees the grander picture. This vision has not inhibited his ability to achieve in the Rukukon military.

Vhet Ankor:
Soldier originally believed to be part of the Elite Guard, under the title 'Tir Ankor', this officer was first identified at the Prison Compound on Seriphus where he acted as support to the Warden there, Nar Vykel. Several years later, he was discovered on a hidden observation outpost, the last survivor of a brutal battle between the Rukakon and Vok officers serving on the station. The fighting had damaged the phasing cloak on the base, leaving Ankor trapped until fluctuations in the Void made it once again visible. Though initially turning himself over to Federation custody and requesting his return to his people, Ankor later conspired to escape and steal vital information from Project Infinite before destablising the Void, which consumed Starbase 24 shortly thereafter.

Vhet Ankor is clearly a loyal and dedicated subject of the Rukakon Hierarchy. He will follow orders to the letter and does not allow for personal feelings to cloud his judgement. His killing of Nar Vykel was not motivated out of pity for the Warden's subjects, but because he felt such sadistic and deviant behaviour was unbecoming of a Rukakon Officer.

It has been noted that, during his escape, Ankor displayed abilities above and beyond what was understood to be the limits of Rukakon Elite Guard. He even spoke at one point of being genetically enhanced, the result of a "process of perfection". His current assignment to the Khorus only serves to reinforce the likelihood of his Royal Guard status.

Mur Shabti:
One of very few female Rukakon ever encountered by the Federation, Mur Shabti approached Starfleet with a view to seeking asylum in the last year of the Valkurak War. In line with the patriarchal structure of the Rukakon Hierarchy, Shabti did not hold any true rank or position ('Mur' is apparently an honorary status as civilians may not normally travel on their Military vessels).

Though treated very well in life, she was still limited with what she could achieve as a female Rukakon citizen. This, combined with a growing discontent with the Rukakon Military's brutal methods pushed her to defect and aid the Federation with vital information. Though much of her background remains unknown, Mur Shabti has proven herself to be a trustworthy ally and, in return, was given a home on the planet Qotsa, where she now remained in seclusion until the recent attack by the Rukakon. She is now safely in Federation custody, assisting them with her knowledge of Rukakon strategy.

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