Rukakon Hierarchy


Until several months ago bound by a Treaty of Non-Agression (signed by most of those of the Valkurak Alliance), they are now engaged in open warfare with the Federation. Their initial assaults decimated Starfleet lines and many Federation colonies and outposts fell. In addition to victory over the Federation, the Rukakon are also strongly interested in studying the Void for themselves (for purposes yet unknown).


Rukakon have jet black skin, have yellow/orange eyes and ridges that follow their jawline up to their ears. They are generally very tall (on average 7') and well built. Their hair is dark and slick. (On rare occasions, Rukakon have been born with pale skin. Though this is generally considered an anomaly, there are some who consider this rarity a gift.)

General Background

They are a nomadic people, traveling in large numbers, settling new colonies en masse: following their losses during the Valkurak War (as key members of the Valkurak Alliance), they went so far as to evacuate their home planet, eventually finding their way closer to Federation space.

They are an intelligent, yet decadent people, steeped in Art and Culture. However, their continued need to spread and populate has not been easy, and this has moved them to form a massive military force. Their officers are well-trained and experienced in strategy and tactics, and though their superiority sometimes leads to arrogance and over-confidence, more often than not it is with good reason.


The Rukakon are ruled by their Royal Communion, who are obeyed to an absolute degree and are deeply rooted within the Military structure: it is not uncommon for them to lead major battles. The Royal Communion is also a patriarchy, and this bleeds down into the entire structure of their military: women are allowed neither rank nor position.

Only one member of their royalty have ever been seen (in-game, not by the crew): a young boy called Thalemet. Representatives of the Royal Communion present themselves on rare occasions and are always guarded, according to one of them, even if no guard can be seen. This most certainly refers to the Royal Guard.

Military Levels

The Rukakon military is banded into different levels of skill/sophistication.

Royal Guard: This band of the Military is the most skilled of all their military and the only one with dedicated warships. They are few and far between but they are devastatingly effective when deployed. These are genetically bred soldiers, reserved for only the most crucial of assignments.

Elite Guard: Small groupings of this level of Guard are often found in areas of great importance to the Rukakon. They often operate independently and are highly dangerous, capable of adapting to almost any situation. They use specialised weaponary and are second only to the Royal Guard though their lack of genetic modification.

High Guard: Used on important assault missions or guarding of installations, they often appear in large groups. They have greater independance than standard Rukakon troops due to stronger tactical training.

'Standard': General footsoldiers.

Military Ranks (closest approximate rank)

Ser (Fleet Admiral): A unique rank held by the commander of the entire Rukakon Military.
Sekt (Admiral): The most commonly seen of Rukakon ranks, perhaps because they tend to lead the most important of military engagements and are thus the representative face seen by Starfleet (pictured above).
Etik (Commodore)
Nar (Captain)
Vhet (Commander, Royal Guard)
Tir (Commander, Elite Guard)
Hu (Commander, High Guard)
Lir (Trooper, High Guard)
Mur (Standard Officer)

(See also Rukakon Hierarchy Personnel)

Rukakon Ships

(In decending order of size/strength.)

OrbitalCruiser: Largest and most heavily armed of their fleet, very few of these have been seen but are often deployed to devastating effect. These vessels have the ability to convert into a starbase, able contain smaller ships and several squads of fighters, they are often deployed as temporary outposts.

MassCruiser: Huge vessels, generally seen leading small fleets or acting to carry out key attacks.

BulkCruiser: Intermediate size vessel, very commonly seen during the Valkurak War.

HeavyCruiser: Smallest of the core fleet vessels, still large enough to contain a Nebula-class ship in her hold.

SubCruiser: In Rukakon terms, comprable to a large runabout.

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