Reman D'deridex-class Warbird


A direct copy of her Romulan counterpart, it is suspected that the Remans developed and constructed these in secret with a mind to an eventual uprising. When the Romulan homeworld was lost to The Void, the Remans seized the opportunity and these ships became operational, forming the core of their fleet.


Type: Heavy Cruiser
Accommodation: 1,500 plus officers, crew, and troops
Power Plant: One artificial singularity-drive warp core feeding two nacelles; two impulse system
Dimensions: Length, 1,041.65 meters; beam, 772.43 meters; height, 285.47 meters
Mass: 4,320,000 metric tonnes (est.)
Performance: Warp 9.6 (observed)
Armament: Six ship-mounted disruptors; two photon torpedo launcher

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