Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix is the Cardassians’ equivalent of Starfleet’s Project Infinite. A Cardassian faction, thought to be financed by the Cardassian Government, has been researching the Void, exploring Alternates, and gaining information in the hopes of beating Starfleet to a solution. The Cardassians have had a tumultuous past decade, sustaining losses from Maquis terrorism, sabotage, and the Dominion War. Their society was nearly wiped out by the Dominion (Cardassia Prime was devastated by orbital bombardment and Jem'Hadar raids). However, like the Phoenix they intend to rise from the ashes, stronger than ever. Project Phoenix is their opportunity to gain galaxy recogniztion and support.

Project Phoenix was lead by Admiral Neilan Loran and Captain Bornek. However, they were killed late 2380.

In 2381, Commander Mudak took over the Project’s investigations, leading mission in search of the Orobas and investigating an abandoned Rukukon outpost, with data on the Void.

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