Port Meltheus

Port Meltheus was run by the Svorna and acted as an open port to all and sundry. There were several thousand visitors at any one time and a crew of hundreds, including forced labour. In addition to its own weapon batteries, it was also supported by small groups of Svorna Cutter-class Ships. Port Meltheus was not aligned to any of the major races, any one of which would outlaw much of what could be found in its black market. During the Valkurak War, races from both the Valkurak Alliance and the Federation were allowed to mingle, providing they both obeyed the one true law on Port Meltheus: that which was imposed by the Svorna themselves.

In late 2382, Port Meltheus was overrun by the Cesere, with the aid of the station's Security Chief, the Svorna known as Shakt. A Starfleet team was dispatched to prevent her from falling into The Void, but found that many of the occupants had either been taken by the Cesere or infected, leaving their offspring to confront any boarding parties. Though the ship was prevented from entering The Void, the damage was enough to rupture her power cores, destroying her instantly.


Transit System: Port Meltheus was large enough to warrant a minor train network to transport people from one end to the other via several stations dotted throughout.
The Rotary: This is the central concourse within Port Meltheus, which houses much of the key shopping districts and markets, including:

  • The Ravens' Nest: Bog-standard disreputable bar.
  • Cosmic Catnip: Gifts for Caitian and Chalnoth alike.
  • Light My Fire: Candle shop.
  • Barnes & Noble Interstellar Bookseller: Exactly what it sounds like.
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