First encountered in 2375 by the USS Pioneer, The Pfing have been nothing but trouble to Starfleet ever since. Captain Koon of the Pioneer had the misfortune to arrive at the Pfing home world of Pfeishe (Fee-shay) during a private festival where only Pfing may enter the system. Insulted, the Pfing expelled Pioneer from orbit killing a dozen of Koon's people in the process. Pioneer continued to run into the Pfing until she managed to slip into the space of one of their enemies the Chunn a year later. All told Koon lost fifteen officers and men to the Pfing while being forced to engage them fifty times in pitched combat. By his estimation, he managed to kill no more than two Pfing in the process.

The Pfing are reptilian humanoids about the size of humans and just as varied in appearance. They have four fingers and seven toes and have scaly barbs at their elbows, knees, and shoulders. Their scales can be almost any color and generally indicate rank inside their society. At the very bottom of this caste are the brown scaled Nung who represent the largest portion of Pfing population. Pfing are highly racist and no Nung is ever educated on penalty of death by forced dehydration. At the very top are the purple scaled Bloeft who are so rare that any and all hatched into Pfing society are seized by the authorities and educated in private schools. In between are a mixed caste indicated purely by scale color. Green, yellow, and gray scaled Pfing are conscripted into the armed forces and serve specialized functions. Green are, quite naturally, jungle troops called Hangars by the Pfing from their typical tactic of attacking from the jungle canopy. Yellow scales are desert troops called Dusters by the Pfing. Grey scales are almost an entirely different species called Miset. They are amphibians instead of pure reptiles. It is clear that genetic tampering has been used extensively to change the Miset into this form including the addition of two chambers to the typical three chambered heart and changing the blood from the typical Pfing white to the Miset yellow. USS Pale Horse managed to capture one of the Miset and learned they also live about fifty years longer than the typical Pfing.

Pfing are easily offended and carry a grudge with more relish than sexual gratification. They demand and expect everyone to obey their customs when dealing with them and do not accept ignorance as an excuse when those customs are broken. Children are feverishly taught these customs once hatched by their mothers until they reach their majority. Pfing females tend to lay half a dozen eggs at a clutch, but they only expect one child at most per year to survive to adulthood. They are killed by their clutch, or killed by offended adults and no laws will protect them until they reach the age of fifteen unless they are blessed with the magisterial purple scales once hatched. According to the Chunn this is just as well since the Pfing are the most populous race in their region of the Gamma quadrant despite five-sixths of their children never reaching adulthood.

When Pioneer arrived in Pfing space she unwittingly brought with her five Section-31 Caesar-class Dreadnoughts sent to destroy Pioneer. One of these massive craft, USS Hadrian, fell prey to a Pfing epidemic disease and was captured by the Pfing. They were impressed with much of the technology but the Section-31 cloaking device truly captured their imagination. They managed to duplicate and manufacture the device with some marked improvements including scaling it down to fit their scout ships. From the Hadrian they also gleaned information about the Wormhole in Dominion space. Intrigued, the Pfing sent a sizable contingent to investigate the possibilities. Arriving on the heels of the Dominion War, the confusion was great enough to allow the entire force to escape into the Beta Quadrant under cloak where they ran into the Rukakon. For some strange reason, the Rukakon managed not to offend the Pfing long enough to become fully acquainted with their customs. It is possible the Rukakon have scouted out the Gamma Quadrant to obtain this knowledge, but it is more likely the two races share a similar decorum while interacting.

Back in the Gamma Quadrant, the Pfing were irritated again in 2378 by the arrival of USS Pale Horse with far different results. Ironically the Pale Horse was on a mission to find Pioneer, and inquired to Pfing authorities as to her whereabouts. When the Pfing attacked Pale Horse, Captain Porter did what Koon and Pioneer never had the firepower to accomplish, he wiped out the Pfing force in short order. Seeing no end in sight, Porter took his tiny force to Pfieshe and decimated all Pfing war industries there. His thinking the Pfing would listen to a conquerer instead of a peaceful envoy turned out to be a successful gamble. He demanded and received the information on Pioneer and left the Pfing to rebuild their industries. As a result Pfing policy towards Starfleet is based on bitter resentment for this humiliation, but they managed to keep their tempers in check until their scout ships in the Alpha Quadrant stumbled upon the Void.

Good manners dictated they alert the Federation to the danger the Void posed, but when they reported their findings, Starfleet denied any such thing existed. Insulted that their good word was so easily dismissed and their intelligence questioned in a matter regarding something so large and obviously dangerous, the Pfing turned to the Rukakon for war council. The Rukakon, fresh from their defeat in the Valkirak War, readily accepted the alliance. Since Rukakon vessels are so much larger than Pfing ships, the Pfing tend to dock their vessels inside Rukakon cruisers and act at light scouts for their allies.

As fighters they are utterly unconcerned with death having lived with killing from the time they are hatched. They form strong bonds with their allies and draw inspiration from their common grudges. Sources inside Rukakon society report the Pfing are held in some contempt by the Hierarchy, and all flag officers of the Rukakon Military are under strict orders not to submit control of Rukakon forces to Pfing control under any circumstances.

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