Neilan Loran / Progenitor Symbiont

Admiral Neilan Loran of Alternate 013 dedicated most of his life searching for the Progenitor Artifact, believing it to have special powers. And after many years of investigation, Loran tracked the artifact down to a secret planetoid of his universe. Loran and a selected away team entered the planetoid and began extracting the artifact from its force-field casing. However, their mission was interjected by the Project Infinite away team, who was sent (unbeknownst to them) to stop Loran from obtaining the artifact, by guidance of the Orobas.

The away team was able to destroy the artifact, but not before Loran obtained the artifact’s energy. The Progenitor artifact injected Loran with the Progenitor’s DNA, which gave him heightened strength, agility and speed, and senses. The away team barely escaped Loran with their lives.

Still driven by the desire for more power, Loran began to hunt down the Orobas (which is in the custody of P.I), using his special powers as an advantage. However, wanting to retrieve its rampant DNA, the Progenitor began to hunt down Loran in turn.

Loran hunted down the Orobas, while his body began to change, his actual DNA being completely overwritten by the Progenitor DNA. This transformation caused him a great deal of pain.

He finally cornered the Orobas in an X alternate, and did battle with Evan McNamara and Nishichiro Bakuto It was revealed that the Orobas had “tricked” Loran into thinking he actually wanted the artifact, when in fact, Loran had fell victim to a ploy to keep him away from others while he transformed into the Progenitor Symbiont.

No longer desiring the Orobas, Loran fleed for his life from the actual Progenitor. However, his body completely changed from the Progenitor DNA (gray skin, pale eyes, and even more heightened abilities), Loran began to lose himself to the change and power. His mind completely twisted, Loran blamed Evan McNamara for destorying the Progenitor artifact and tricking him with the Orobas. Deemed McNamara's nemesis, Loran began to travel altnerates murdering the universe's indigious McNamara, hoping to track down the "actual" McNamara responsible for what Loran considered injustices against him.

After murdering multiple Evan McNamaras, all from different alternates, Loran and the home McNamara square off on the Rukakon controlled planet of Karfaeg, where their vendetta is finally settled. During their fight (in a power plant), the Progenitor arrives and takes back its power for Loran.

It is believed that Loran is killed by the explosion caused by the Progenitor when it consumed the power plant's energy.

Points of Interest

It is revealed that Loran and Commander Evan James McNamara are a omniversal constant. They are enemies in every universe in which they exist.

Loran murdered McNamara's love interest Doctor Amber Jordan while trying to get to Evan.

Loran is drained of his power by The Progenitor and presumed killed by the explosion of the central powerplant core.

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