Name: Namirha
Race: Unknown
Birthplace: Unknown

Age : Unknown (Thought to be very old)
Height : Unknown (Walks with a hunch)
Weight : 98 lbs
Hair length : Unknown
Hair-color : Unknown
Eye color : Unknown (Ability to glow)
Complexion : Pale
Physical Description : Extremely old. Frail, decrepit, and speaks with a weak rapsy voice. Walks with a cane.

Notes of Interest

Namirha is "thee" leader of the religious cult, the Followers of the Reckoning. He remains in seclusion at his hidden religious temple, and never leaves. He uses Aasera to achieve his desired goals, allowing her to perform and oversee the Followers' grand scheme.

Namirah believes himself to be the only vessel of his lord. He believes he has a direct connection with his god, and is doing his god's work. Namirha's teachings are of the Void success, as he believes it is his god's wishes.

He is very old and very weak. It would be easy to overthrow him; however, Aasera and his acolytes follow his every word without question. He is a persuasive leader.

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