Morningstar Project


This secretive project was run within Starfleet, almost certainly with the involvement of Intelligence and Section 31 to some degree or other, until the some time around 2379-80. It is not known when the project was initiated.

The main purpose of the Morningstar Project appears to be the development of genetically enhanced individuals to provide Starfleet with an strategic edge over other the other major races during times of war and peace. The most visible side of the project were the clone Intelligence Officers who were named after the project itself.

'The Morningstars'

Holding the rank of either Lieutenant Commander or Commander, Ezekiel and Uziel Morningstar both held positions on regular Starfleet ships/starbases, most often representing the Intelligence branch of Starfleet. In addition to possessing unconventional equipment (Intelligence developed designs), both officers appeared to utilise enhanced mental and physical abilities. These ranged from increased strength and agility, rapid information processing and even telepathy. The full extent (and variation) of their capabilities is still unknown.

Though outwardly identical (Human, Caucasian males, early thirties, athletic build) there were noticeable differences to the personalities of each clone. Ezekiel appeared to be much easier going, quicker to socialise and engage with those around him. Uziel was far more distant, keeping a certain 'professional detachment' from his crewmates, leading to much higher levels of distrust among them. This did not appear to affect Uziel as much of his work required him to work alone and, quite often, at odds with normal, accepted procedure. For much of it's time, Project Morningstar remained a closely guarded secret. This was until the accidental discovery of a hidden medical base in 2378.

Following an attack on the base by the Valkurak Alliance, an initial Intelligence team were sent in, consisting of Commander Uziel Morningstar and Commander Joshua Harper, with orders to locate and recover one Doctor Ahriman Pyre for reasons listed as 'classified'. However, there was also a second team, led by Captain Carlos Rivera, who were acting under their own auspices, preferring to investigate themselves rather than rely on Uziel and Intelligence's reassurances. The medical facility was clearly conducting genetic experiments, as evidenced by several violent primates encountered by both teams during the away mission. An official log by Commander Morningstar states that Doctor Pyre had been attacked and killed by one of these genetic adaptations. Shortly afterwards, an explosion destroyed the base and seemingly all evidence with it. However, Captain Rivera was able to secure some of the facilities secure files and keep them hidden at Starbase Trinity Core from Uziel and Intelligence.

The Morningstar Files

Following the demise of Uziel Morningstar at the Wierz Expanse, the sudden departure of Ezekiel and other lesser known Morningstar officers, and the later clean-up and eradication of any and all associated materials pertinent to the Morningstar Project. Whilst much of it is either corrupted or encoded beyond decryption, it is these recovered files that provide the most insight into it's history.

Key figures listed behind the Morningstar Project are as follows:

Rear Admiral Shamballa: Her precise role in the project is not referred to at any point, but she was most likely connected with Intelligence/Section 31 or other similar department within Starfleet. Whether she simply managed the project or initiated it is unknown. Shamballa was killed during the Valkurak War when her shuttle was destroyed.

Doctor Ormazd Obst: An expert within the Theoretical Sciences, though not widely known within Starfleet, having but a single paper published. His reclusive nature meant no attention was paid to his absence during his time working on the project. He is listed as deceased but, without details, the only certainty is that he died prior to the recovery of the files.

Doctor Ahriman Pyre: Genetic specialist. Possibly the key figure in developing the Morningstar Project. As stated above, he was killed in 2378.

The files also contain a list of Morningstar clones, though it may or may not be complete:

Morningstar, Uziel: Killed aboard a Denubian vessel during the firefight at the Wierz Expanse. Officially, it is only stated that he transported over and did not return. However, non-Starfleet personnel involved in the battle confirmed his death if not the details.

Morningstar, Ezekiel: Departed shortly after Uziel's death. It is believed the Morningstars were linked telepathically, thus Ezekiel (who was present at the battle, though engaged elsewhere) was immediately aware of the demise of his clone brother. He has not been seen since.

Morningstar, Azrael: Briefly took over from Uziel as one of Starfleet Intelligence's primary operators, Azrael clearly held all others in lesser regard and, possibly, responsible for Uziel's death. After a run in with Captain Rivera (during which time more evidence of the Morningstar Project was destroyed), Azrael also mysteriously departed.

Three more names are listed under the Morningstar clones: Shadrach, Isiah and Lucius. Whether these were abortive attempts during the creation process, unrealised designs or fully-fledged clones is, again, unknown.

Beyond the Morningstars themselves are other names referenced in the files.

Thor: Klingon Starfleet officer currently working on Project Infinite, Lieutenant Thor is cited as a possible basis for much of the basework behind the Morningstar Project. Given Thor's seemingly naturally developed genetic code, there is evidence to support this theory.

Volan: Vulcan Starfleet officer currently serving on the USS Bulwark. It would appear that Volan's father may also have been genetically modified using the research conducted on the Morningstar Project.

Alandra Bexley: Currently serving as Commanding Officer of the USS Onikage, Captain Alandra Bexley is mentioned in the files, though once more without specific reference as much of those particular files were corrupted. There are two things which are known and generally accepted with regard to Alandra Bexley: the first, is that she has been observed to demonstrate some similar enhanced traits as the Morningstar clones; the second is that the current individual baring that name is a clone herself; Captain Bexley was previously known to have died at Ultima Thule when her crew were caught between Klingon and Valkurak forces. What is not clear is whether Alandra Bexley began life as a clone or merely had her genetic code enhanced and copied.


The need to contain the information within the files led to drastic action on the part of shadier elements within Starfleet. Captain Rivera, Lieutenant Thor and Commander Johnny Storm all had their lives placed in jeopardy, declared rogue and mutinous by Starfleet and targeted for assassination, they had no choice but to run. The eventual purge of corrupt elements within Starfleet allowed them to return to their duties without fear.

More recently, Captain Rivera led an away team to a Starfleet facility to rescue an individual, whom he initially refused to name. As it turned out, the individual in question was, in fact, the real Captain Rivera. The man who had been Commanding the USS Bulwark so far had originated from ^004. However, the base also contained Klingon/Jem'hadar hybrids, which could either be more evidence of the Morningstar Project at work or an entirely new project with similar objectives.

Given how little is actually known and the further evidence of genetic modification, it is possible that the Morningstar Project carried a much broader scope that is currently identified. However, as much of the information and research behind it has been destroyed by Starfleet conspirators and the Morningstar clones themselves, there does not appear to be a conclusive answer to this question as yet.

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