Micah Xavier Rhodes

Name : Micah Xavier Rhodes
Department : N/A

Race : Human
Place of Birth : Buffalo Draft, Wyoming
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 33
Height : 6'4"
Weight : 195 lb.
Hair length : Short/Clean-Cut
Facial Hair: Roguishly unshaven
Hair-color : Black
Eye color : Green
Complexion : Caucasian. Light Tan
Physical Description : Handsome and athletic. There are subtle indications along the left side of his body, in particular around the limbs and joints, which indicate that they are artificial constructs. (see portrait)

Rank: N/A (Expelled from the Starfleet Academy)
Double Major :
Major Area of Study : Physics (Quantum Mechanics and Relativity)
Major Area of Study : Engineering (AI Robotics and Fabrication)
Minor Area of Study : Chemistry


Micah Xavier Rhodes was born April 13th, 2347 in Buffalo Draft, WY. He is the only child of Simon and Evelyn Rhodes.

Micah was an apparent intellectual prodigy from an early age. He placed out of most scholastic academies or sped through them at an alarming rate while growing up. His aptitude caught the attention of many benefactor organization and eventually received the majority of his education from private tutoring sponsored by grants through Starfleet. When he was finally of age to attend Starfleet, as was one of the stipulations in having taken the grant money, he decided against early graduation in favor of double majoring in two advanced fields of scientific study.

While at the Academy, he became known as a rebellious academic. He was notorious for bending rules and butting heads with his professors, fabricating his own curriculum and projects, and bucking the status quo on postulated theories of the universe. His genius allowed him the flexibility from the administration to do as he pleased, since his discoveries and publications while a student had already generated several patents for the school which was filtered into an endowment for the science department for the years to come. His disregard for the rules in favor of his own ideas; however, led to his expulsion during his last year at the Academy and his accident.

The event revolved around his final thesis, which was taking wormhole technology and making it possible to not only generate one at will but to pinpoint the exit window all on the human level. Having undergone consecutive tests using a variety of inanimate and animate objects he eventually tried it himself. It was a disaster, in part because of a power failure when an energy surge in the lab was caused from the sheer quantity of Valladium ore being ionized. The experiment was a success in that Micah generated a human size wormhole, stepped through, and came out on the other side in the dean’s office. It was a horrific accident in that he was missing most of the left side of his body, as if the matter was simply erased. (Specifically his left arm, left leg and a fraction of his left side starting at the shoulder and moving down to the hip)

He spent the next two years in the hospital and a year after that in continued rehab. His family selling off some of his inventions in order to finance the stabilization and recovery of the advanced are. The Starfleet Academy negated on paying for any of expenses because upon investigation of his experiment Micah was officially expelled from the school. The dangerously hard to produce Valladium ore he used was not permitted unless with proper clearance and supervision and he had obtained and used it illegally. In addition, Micah had made sure to keep the formulas he was using strictly hardcopy so that Starfleet could not gain access to his idea. His refusal to hand it over sealed the black spot upon his record.

Since that day Micah began working in the private sector and excelled. He continued his own experiments of fancy until one day, the day he struck a major breakthrough, he disappeared off the grid. Having gone rogue, it is rumored he began dealing on the black markets with any race that would pay to continue his research without anyone’s prying attentions and without concern for ramifications from having to resort to some unsavory methods. The authorities and merchants alike only know him or his work by the handle… Mixer (spelled MXR). He has also to this day undergone several surgeries and upgrades under the radar to the point his body looks and functions whole again; however, the majority of his left side is in short an android construct.

Hobbies and Personal Traits

Hobbies : Lightball, Painting traditionally, metalworking sculpture, reading are among the more common of his hobbies. He also has several more unique ones.

Personal Traits : A dreamer who believes anything is possible and disdains limitations whether they be man-made or laws of the universe. He is remarkably humble and kind. He prefers to only speak when there is something meaningful to say, inclined more to listen and act then talking. He does not suffer fools well; however, his peaceful and empathetic temperament never lets his temper get the best of him. He avoids being involved in social drama whenever possible, which has led him to isolate himself from most situations. His inner spark of enthusiasm is usually only seen by those he warms up to, and it usually takes him a while to do that.

Notes of Interest


Father: Simon Rhodes (Deceased)
Mother: Evelyn Rhodes (Deceased)

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