Maiden Colony

The Maiden Colony is the closest M class planet to the Void, which is inhabited by several different races that are citizens unaffiliated with the Federation. Maiden is known for its luxurious atmosphere, which has been brought in tourism and commerce. The Maiden Colony has nice hotels and casinos.

Notes of Interest

One of the definitions of Maiden, of course, being 'first' (e.g. maiden voyage), the colony has always been at the front of the queue for 'doomed worlds'.

In episode 1.4 Divergence Professor Nishichiro sneaks away from Project Infinite in order to spend some free time on the Maiden Colony.

In episode 1.10 Death By Design Maiden Colony is used as refuge for members of Project Infinite who hoped to escape from corrupt members of Starfleet. The Black Dragons attacked several officers of Project Infinite on Maiden.

In episode 3.4 Death and the Maiden Certain the Void would soon consume the Maiden Colony, Project Infinite was forced to destory Maiden Colony's primary stars and evacuate her citizens, so that the Project was not compromised.

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