Lt. Commander Paige Reagan

Name: Paige Reagan


Department: Engineering

Race: Romulan/Human
Place of Birth: USS Griever, a starship
Home Planet: Earth

Rank: Lt.Commander
Major Area of Study: Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Navigation


Age: 27
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 120
Hair length: Long
Hair-color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Caucasian

Physical Description: Paige has an elfin-type beauty, complete with the pointed ears of her Romulan father. She has a charming smile and a deceptive air of fragility. Despite her thinness, she has a very womanly figure.



Paige was born to a human mother in the medbay of a Federation starship. Her birth revealed her mother’s affair with a Romulan ambassador, and her mother quickly left Starfleet and returned to Earth, where Paige was raised on her grandparent’s ranch in Texas. Paige always felt that the stars were in her blood, however, and worked hard to be accepted into Starfleet Academy. Her eagerness and enthusiasm soon got her a posting as an engineer on a Federation ship much like the one on which she was born. The ship was eventually attacked by the Rukakon, and Paige was taken prisoner.

Personal Traits and Hobbies

Paige is outgoing and charming, with a generally optimistic nature, although being in prison has dampened that somewhat. She tends to say random things and change subjects fairly frequently. She is emotional and passionate, prone to lose her temper quickly, but to forgive quickly as well. She has been accused of being childish, but is actually quite capable in a crisis situation. She tends to speak before she thinks.

Paige loves a good adventure. Raised on a ranch, she is an excellent horsewoman, and she loves animals. She is a connoisseur of coffee. She also enjoys tinkering with gadgets and is resourceful with anything mechanical or technological. Before being captured by the Rukakon, she enjoyed taking martial arts lessons on the holodeck. Secretly, she studies Romulan culture as often as she can, in hopes of one day meeting her father and impressing him.


Father (Romulan): S’Ten Gaius
Mother (Human): Ellen Reagan (formerly Lt. Reagan of Starfleet)

Notes of Interest
Paige was once romantically involved with Commander Evan McNamara, after they were freed from the Rukakon prison together.

Paige is friends with Abe Daggett.

Paige's arch-nemesis is Lt. Commander Ross Kincaid, whose pursuit of her is unwelcome.

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