Commander Kalahaiea T Leiya

Name : Kalahaiea Nahari “Kali” t’Leiya
Callsign: Lightning
Department : Flight

Race : Romulan
Place of Birth : Boston
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 30
Height : 5’2”
Weight : 100 lbs.
Hair Length : Long
Hair Color : Black
Eye Color : Black
Complexion : Light Olive/Light Tan
Physical Description : Tiny and wiry. Stronger than the average human, despite her small size. Very fast reflexes. Due to differences in human and romulan lifespans, she closely resembles a human teenager between 16 and 18 in appearance.


Rank: Commander
Major Area of Study : Flight
Minor Area of Study : Command


Kali’s parents were both heirs to Romulan Senate seats. However, they came to realize that the true power in the Empire now lay with the Tal Shiar, whom even Senators must fear. Realizing they could never fulfill their proper duties and speak their minds as Senators under the thumb of the Tal Shiar, they left the Romulan Empire shortly after conceiving their first child, and defected to the Federation, not out of betrayal, as they explain it, but as a matter of honor, out of their refusal to spend their lives only playing at the duties which they should have been fulfilling as Senators. They made their way out of Romulan space, across the Neutral Zone, and all the way to Earth, booking transport on, as Kali has described it “every shady vessel in the quadrant”. Kali was born on Earth shortly after her parents’ arrival, and was granted Federation citizenship. Kali was raised caught between two worlds, learning both Romulan and Human traditions, and appears to many to be an amalgam of both societies. However, Kali herself often feels as if she belongs nowhere—as if the mix of Romulan and Human traits she possesses has left her an alien to members of both societies. As Kali herself once described it: “I belong everywhere….and nowhere at all.”

Kali entered the Academy at the age of 17, and her appointment to the Academy required an act of the Federation Council to secure. Following her graduation from the Academy, she attended Flight School, and reported to her first posting during the Dominion War. She eventually participated in the final battle of the war—a battle which only 22 pilots aboard her ship survived, out of an initial 6 squadrons. Her Chief of Flight at the time, a man with the callsign “Ion”, was one of those who died in the battle. However, Kali often looks to memories of Ion as inspiration for her handling of her own command.

Following the Dominion War, Kali was promoted to Lieutenant and posted to the USS Marathon, where she was one of several dozen pilots later selected to go hunt for the USS Liberty—what should have been a quick and easy mission. However, the mission ended with the pilots becoming stranded on the Liberty and the Liberty becoming stranded far behind enemy lines, and Kali, senior pilot among the survivors, was forced to step into the roll of Chief of Flight Ops—without having been so much as a Squadron Commander or even Squadron XO first. Throughout the years that followed, she learned to command mainly through trial-and-error, a fact which has led to her unique command style, very different from most other officers. On the Liberty, she and her pilots worked with no breaks, no replacements, and no supplies, holding themselves and their fighters together at some points through sheer force of will—Especially Kali’s force of will. As her former wingman, Nianda Lishek, described Kali on the Liberty: “Everything she had, she gave to us….Her energy, her hope, her life, her soul….She kept nothing for herself.”

Following the Liberty’s return to Federation space after two years, Kali, by that time suffering from severe exhaustion and malnutrition, took several months of medical leave to recuperate. Following her leave, she was tapped by Admiral Elias Novaq to join his team investigating the void. At first, she had no formal role, instead making use of her talents for flight by serving as helmsman aboard the many vessels the Project acquired. Eventually, following the death of the first squadron commander of the starbase defense squadron, she took command of the defense squadron, and later, after the addition of FS-78, moved up to Chief of Flight Ops. Kali currently oversees the entire Flight Department, including two fighter squadrons, the CHARC squadron, the runabout and shuttle squadrons, and all support personnel. She has, to date, suffered from difficulties properly completing paperwork (as she never served in any of the 'stepping stone' positions that would have taught her such skills), and tends to get somewhat annoyed at the fact that, as Chief of Flight, she now spends more time flying a desk than a fighter.

In addition to the challenges of command (without having served in any of the interim positions that would have trained her for it), Kali also deals with the challenges of being caught between worlds—something that has become especially difficult for her of late, as she moves further along in her maturation process. Forced to go through the most emotionally volatile years of her life (the years between 30 and 50, roughly equivalent to human puberty, only differently structured and more intense) without the strict discipline most Romulan benefit from, nor any examples of those who came before her to guide her through the process, she has suffered from emotional outbursts, and, at once point, a total emotional breakdown. Lately, her former wingman, a powerful telepath, has suggested that part of Kali’s problems may stem from having empathic traits and being an ‘atypical empath’, however this theory has yet to be confirmed.

Kali's perchant for bad luck in life has continued in terms of her romantic relationships. She had few romantic partners in her high school and Academy days, as no one was willing to date "the Romulan". Her senior prom date in high school actually walked off at the last minute, giving that exact reason. Later in her life, her several-year relationship with Commander Storm ended when departed on an unauthorized mission without leaving so much as a note, was presumed dead for several years, and made his first act upon his return to capture her and several of her pilots. Meanwhile, her relationship with Commander McNamara didn't last for more than a few months, and consisted mainly of the two fighting with one another.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Gambling, Waterskiing, Parrises Squares. Speaks Romulan, Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, and Japanese, plus the old ‘code language’ of her family.

Personal Traits : Displays the traditional ‘creature of extremes’ mentality that most Romulans possess, but in an extreme manner, given her current age and lack of control. Has an innate gift for flying anything she lays her hand upon, and displays great concern for the welfare of those under her command. Has, as it was described by Volan, “A keen instinct bordering on telepathy”. Has been said to have an aura of energy about her…she never slows down. Perpetually hungry due to her age and her faster Romulan metabolism—Her favorite foods are a mix of human and romulan dishes including pizza, vinnierine, spiced meat rolls, and several chicken dishes. She dislikes being addressed as Lieutenant Commander t’Leiya and prefers to be addressed by her first name, as she feels her last name only serves to link her to an extended family she will never be able to know.


Father: Tal (Currently Professor of International Relations at an Earth university)
Mother: Aleireth (Currently Professor of Linguistics at an Earth university)

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