Capable of communication by telepathy alone, the Lloigor are a benevolent, thoughtful people. They are not an aggressive people but will defend themselves as much as required without becoming a warring species themselves. And though they do not encourage interaction with other races at a social level, they are neither lacking in culture nor snobbish: they are simply a private people.

They also do not "talk" rashly: whereas most races have the option of thinking before they speak, the Lloigor do not. They cannot say one thing and mean another. This has resulted in a very factual and definite way of interacting with each other.


Lloigor appear as tall, graceful beings. Their faces are always concealed behind white helmets/masks. White features heavily in their clothing, as it does in all aspects from internal decor to their ships.

General Background

The Lloigor are (compared with current known races) a technically advanced species. They are capable of undertaking immense construction projects within short spaces of time, working with speed, skill and craft. This is clearly evident in the vast white ships that are a trademark of Lloigor vessels. Constructed of smooth, rounded shapes and turrets, they resemble "flying castles". In addition to transwarp drives and plasma emitter weapon arrays, they can also use a form of focused telekinesis achieved through mass meditation and amplification devices to affect physical objects. This may be as a variant of standard tractor beams or even as another form of attack. Telepathy also plays a large part in gaining the advantage of any attacking foe.

Their knowledge of new technologies, combined with their knowledge of the mind has enabled them to place the consciousness of a living being into an isomorphic projection, an advanced form of holographic representation which for all intents and purposes can replicate anything a real person can do.

The crew of the USS Liberty first made contact with the Lloigor vessel Aeotisis, commanded by Ranthana Kage Ist. They formed an mutual agreement of co-operation and exchange: Starfleet would assist them in fending off the Borg and the Lloigor would assist against the Valkurak Alliance. They (and several other Lloigor ships) have since sought a place to settle in within the Federation, though this has not yet been settled formally.

Other individuals on the Aeotisis are Thanata Ti Kyo their Controller of Mechanisms (Engineering), Rajit Plo Huma, Controller of Physiologies (Medical) and Delomo Tian Dikho, in charge of External Relations.

Other known ships

Epoksys (destroyed)

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