Lieutenant Volan

Name: Volan
Department: Science

Race : Vulcan
Place of birth : Romulus
Home planet : Earth/Vulcan


Gender : Male
Complexion : Tan
Age : Equivalent to 33 human years of age
Height : 1.87 Meters
Weight : 94 Kilograms
Hair length : Close Crop
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Light brown


Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Assistant Chief Science Officer

Major Area of Study : Science.
Minor Area of Study : Engineering.
Seconadary Minor Area of Study : Command

History and Timeline

Attended schools : Vulcan Science Academy. Starfleet Academy.

Previous assignments : Starfleet Academy. USS Starfire.

Personal notes:

Mother, Savakel, was aid to the Vulcan Ambassador. While on assignment to Romulus, Savakel was attacked and raped by an unknown assailant. She became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Volan.

Later, after Volan's birth, Savakel was transferred to Earth to Act as aide for the Vulcan Ambassador. During a hotly debated session in the United Federation of Planets Council, an assasin attempted to kill the Vulcan Ambassador, Savakel sacrificing her life saved the Ambassador.

At the time of this incident Volan was two years of age.

He was sponsored by Ambassador Spock, whom felt it a debt to be paid to the sacrifice of Savakel (Volan's mother, whom gave her life to save the Ambassador during an assasination attempt).

Ambassador Spock had taken Volan at the age of two to Vulcan, to be raised and schooled. Although Spock was rarely on Vulcan for any great deal of time, he kept tabs on Volan. Watching him grow, and exceed his expectations in physical and mental abilities. Spock later sponsored Volan's application to the Vulcan Science Academy, and then later to Starfleet.

During Volan's first year at the Vulcan Science Academy, Spock became deeply involved in the Underground Vulcan/Romulan reunification efforts on Romulus. Volan has not seen him since.

People from the past:

Commander Carlos Rivera: Lieutenant Volan has been a long time friend or Commander Carlos Rivera, Executive Officer of USS Patriot (NCC 76513). Owing his life to the Commander, he is Volan's closest and most trusted of friends.

Ambassador Spock, of Vulcan: Closest relative of a distant relation. Ambassador Spock, as mentioned above, has sponsored Volan's pursuits in his choice of career.

Was stationed at SB 24, serving on Project Infinite. After the station was consumed by the Void, was later assigned to the USS Bulwark under Captain Carlos Rivera.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : 3Dimensional chess, Martial Arts. Research and studies of all types. Enjoys playing the Ka'athyra (Vulcan stringed instrument).

Personal traits : Genetic make up Vulcan and Romulan. Volan is of exceptionally larger physical build than most Vulcans. Demonstrating incredible strength and stamina. Extremely intelligent and serious.


Father - Unknown Biogenetically Engineered Romulan.
Mother - Savakel, of Vulcan - Deceased.

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