Lieutenant Tolbin Gelva

Name: Tolbin Gelva
Department: Science

Race: Trill (Joined)
Place of Birth: Crescent City
Home Planet: Trill


Age: 34 Symbiont: 126
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair length: Eight Centimeters
Hair-color: Sandy Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Fair
Physical Description: Tolbin has a beard, high cheek bones, and thick eyebrows. He walks with a shuffle most of the time.


Rank: Lieutenant

Major Area of Study: Science (Gravometrics and Computronic Neurology Specialist)
Minor Area of Study: Klingon literature


Tolbin is the host of the Gelva symbiont. At 126 years of age, Gelva was most recently joined to Peri, a professor of gravometrics and computronic neurology at the Daystrom Institute on Earth. Tolbin himself has achieved the rank of Lieutenant in the Starfleet Science branch, having studied in his career fourteen separate temporal/spatial anomalies. He has the distinction of having served with former Captain Jellico for three years, and Captain Picard for six months. Though he is a bit of a narcissist, he is a fine officer, determined to succeed in his mission. In his final words to his wife before leaving Earth to come here, he promised her that if Starfleet couldn't beat the Void, then he would. He intends to keep that promise.

Goes Missing While On a Void Observation Mission



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