Lieutenant Nicholas Alexei Hobbes

Name: Nicholas Alexei Hobbes

Race : Human
Place of birth : Olympia Arcology, Mars
Home planet : Mars


Age : 28 years.
Height : 1.57 meters.
Weight : 58 Kilograms
Hair length : Slightly longer than regulation cut.
Hair-color : White
Eye color : Green
Additional Physical Traits: Nicholas is an albino, with white skin and white hair. His eyes are artificial, implanted in a then-experimental procedure shortly after birth.


Rank : Lieutenant
Position : Science

Major Area of Study : Science
Minor Area of Study : Engineering & Medical

History and Timeline

Attended schools : Starfleet Academy, a brief stint of graduate study at the Vulcan Science Institute.

Previous assignments : USS Destiny, science officer, eventually promoted to Commander and Chief Science Officer, briefly acted as Executive Officer. There is a hole in Nicholas’s record lasting approximately two years. He was reported dead during this time, in the same shuttle crash that killed hisparents, and may have assumed an alias of “Calvin Locke.” Lt. Hobbes’ activities during this time are unknown, as is the reason for his absence. Assigned to Starfleet R&D in Boston, Earth, attached to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, now ranked as a Lieutenant. During this time he took a leave of absence to attend two semesters at the Vulcan Institute of Technology. Recently, he has been reassigned to Starbase 24.

Hobbies and Traits

Personal traits : Often distant and introverted. Tendency to lose track of the physical and immediate world while thinking or working. Social skills not fully developed – can become snappish and sarcastic with those seen as interfering with his work. Dubious respect for authority. Does not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages. Exceptional talents with computers and machines.

Hobbies : Military history and reenactments, holonovels, games.


Father: Alexander Hobbes, noted geological engineer, slain in a tragic shuttle
accident three years ago.
Mother: Elizabeth Dawson Hobbes, cook, slain in same shuttle accident.
Sibling: Lt. Commander Jasmine Hobbes

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