Lieutenant Martawg

Name: Martawg (Son of Krom)
Department: Security

Race: Klingon
Place of Birth: Qo’noS
Home Planet: Klingon Homeworld


Age: 35
Height: 6’6
Weight: 250
Hair length: Long (Neck Length)
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Dark
Complexion: Dark
Physical Description: A stout Klingon with a condemning stare. He has long black hair that is usually kept in a ponytail. Martawg has typical Klingon features such as a firm jaw that is covered with a beard. He tends to have a sneer on his face almost all of the time.


Rank: Lieutenant

Major Area of Study: Security
Minor Area of Study: Tactics


Martawg was born on the Klingon Homeworld and is son of Krom. He cherishes the Klingon way of life and holds dear to their customs. When Martawg was young, his father was saved by a Starfleet Officer (Janeway) and caused his family to have a high respect for Starfleet. To make his father proud, Martawg kept true to Klingon culture and joined Starfleet as well. His father found his decision to be a part of Starfleet as honorable.

During the Dominion War, Martawg’s father was killed in a Cardassian attack on a Klingon Transport Vessel. The death of his father forced Margtaw into a state of anger and rage. While in combat with a Cardassian vessel, he disobeyed his Captain’s ceasefire and destroyed the vessel. He was Court Marshaled and sent to prison, but because of his excellent record
before the event, his sentence was light. He was later released and went through the Starfleet Officer Rehabilitation Program, to continue his career.

Although the Klingons have broken away from the Federation, Martawg holds true to his father’s love of Starfleet, and remains forever loyal. However, he tends to speak his mind and has a bitter hatred for Cardassians, and holds true to the Klingon hatred of Romulan.


2363: Joined Starfleet Academy

2366: First Assignment: Served as a security officer on the USS Dauntless.

2374: Promoted to Lt. Cmdr and made Chief of Security of the USS Washington.

2377: Court Marshaled for disobeying a direct order. Had his rank pulled and spent a year in a Federation Prison.

2380: Graduated from the Starfleet Officer Rehabilitation Program. Was given the rank of Lieutenant. Assigned as security of Starbase 24 and Project Infinite.

2381: Killed in action (filed deemed classified)

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Hunting and Klingon Combat(loves his Bat’leth).

Personal Traits : Stern and Hard Working. Tends to drink heavily and has a low tolerance of Cardassians and Romulans.


Father: Krom
Mother: Lo’Sall

Siblings: younger brother Kor

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