Lieutenant (JG) Sonny "Pac-Mac" Packard

Name: Sonny Packard
Call Sign: Pac-Mac
Department: Flight

Birth Place: San Diego, CA
Home World: Earth

Rank: Lieutenant (JG)
Position: FS-51 Raiders / USS Bulwark


Age: 25
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Length: Short
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: African Black
Physical Features: Nice build. Handsome.



Sonny Packard comes from a family of pilots, as most of his family on his father's side are pilots in one form or another. Sonny was born San Diego, CA and raised there. He did moderately well in school but excelled in mathematics. After high school graduation, Sonny joined Starfleet Academy where he tested well in the flight department. He showed the confidence and nerve required for the extraneous task of being a fighter pilot. With his last name being Packard, he received the nickname and later call sign, Pac-Man.

He graduated the academy on time and went on to be a valued member of the Raiders. He is calm and collected during a fight, and always seems to be in everyone’s good graces. Sonny “Pac-Man” Packard is an excellent pilot and a valued commodity in the Raiders.

Notes of Interest

Sonny is a confident, well spoken pilot.

He has a close friendship with Tera'Sanda "Vixen" Mac.

Sonny is killed in Action, fighting against the Followers of the Reckoning - during the Surge at Pyxis.

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