Lieutenant Nianda Lishek

Name : Nianda "Nia" Diane Lishek
Callsign: Wildchild
Department : Flight

Race : Betazoid
Place of Birth : Betazed
Home Planet : Betazed


Age : 24
Height : 5’4”
Weight : 110 lbs.
Hair Length : Long
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye Color : Black
Complexion : Light Tan
Physical Description : Small but fairly muscular for a Betazoid. Her most striking feature is her eyes, in the past they have been described as something which could “pierce your soul”.


Rank: Lieutenant
Major Area of Study : Flight
Minor Area of Study : Engineering


Nia is among those rare Betazoids who were born with their telepathic abilities active. In addition, her abilities are on the extreme end of the scale, even for a Betazoid. She was spared the fate of most such children by dedicated family, who shielded her mind with their own for the first several years of her life, protecting her from the trauma most such children experience, until she was old enough to shield her own mind.

Well aware that her control over herself and her ability to shield hung by a thread at all times, Nia never pursued training in harnessing her talents (except for two semesters of psi-healing courses taking at the University of Betazed at the assistance of her mother). She entered Starfleet Academy at a very young age, and then attended Flight School following graduation, against the wishes of her mother, who felt that such pursuits were inappropriate for a Betazoid. Her mother, the Federation Councilor from Betazed, disowned Nia, and she had no contact with her family for several years, despite the fact that both she and her mother were off Betazed at the time of it’s fall to the Dominion. After flight school, Nia served on the USS Marathon, and later, on the Liberty (see bio of Kalahaiea t’Leiya for more information), where she was known as a wild, devil-may-care pilot for whom no risk was too great. Not even a near-fatal injury changed that fact, and it was these traits that got her tagged as “Wildchild” by one of her mentors aboard the Liberty, Kief Westyn.

While Nia suppressed her telepathic abilities with bortelin during her Academy and Flight school years, as well as her first several years on duty, in an attempt to control her abilities, near the end of her time on the Liberty, she was forced to discontinue such measures in order to complete several assignments requiring her telepathic talents. The hardest of them, by far, was when she and several other officers were stranded on a derelict ship, and she comforted a dying comrade using her telepathic abilities. These assignments, combined with the stresses of being a pilot on the Liberty behind enemy lines, and her already fragile telepathic state contributed to a brief breakdown after the Liberty returned to Federation space. It was at this time that her mother welcomed her back into the family, bringing her daughter home for several months of leave and helping her heal.

For all that this time helped, however, Nia felt a disconnect (a disconnect her mother felt as well) from many of her relatives, who had lived through the Dominion occupation of Betazed. As Nia once described it: “We're all linked, in some way or another, eventually. When a human suffers, it affects them and their immediate circle. When a Betazoid does…like ripples on a pond, it reaches out to touch everyone. And when one hasn’t participated in that experience…it serves to exclude one, no matter how people might try.” Feeling as if she was no longer on the same wavelength as most of the planet, and longing for adventure once more, she was only too happy to accept Admiral Novaq’s summons to join the Project.

At first, Nia’s primary service to the Project was telepathic in nature, however, after a battle killed many of Starbase 24’s original fighter pilots, she joined the starbase’s defense squadron, which she has served in ever since. Nia’s current service to the Project is diverse in nature, and her talents as both a pilot and a telepath are frequently utilized. In addition, she was appointed by the squadron commander as his wing leader, a posting that has greatly contributed her maturity and sense of responsibility.

When Admiral Luc, a fellow Betazoid with extraordinary gifts, visited the starbase, he took an interest in Nia, and, seeing how close she still was to loosing control of her abilities, invited her to Earth for several weeks, during which time Nia worked with the Admiral to gain better control of her abilities and enhance her shielding abilities. However, frightened by some of the Admiral’s more extreme abilities (such as apparent control over forms of energy) and his prediction that her abilities, with proper training, could be even greater, she declined his offer of the most advanced forms of training at this time. However, her abilities are still greatly advanced compared to a normal Betazoid, including the ability to control other people’s perceptions of a situation.

Of all members of the Project, Nia is closest to Kali, Chief of Flight, as she was formerly her wingman on the Marathon and the Liberty. The two share a close bond that is partially telepathic in nature, similar to that which might develop between best friends on Betazed.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Gambling, computer games, action flicks, holodeck simulations, partying, surfing.
Personal Traits : Nia tends to be fun-loving and have a good sense of humor. Bouncy, energetic, and with a love of adventure, she is rather unorthodox for a Betazoid, possessing, as it has been termed “the spirit of a warrior”.


Father: Amari, Scientist
Mother: Azriexxienne, Betazoid Noble & Federation Council Member
Uncle: Lekai, Chef
Brother: Josh, 12

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