Lieutenant (JG) Brian Bedford

Name: Brian Bedford
Department: Engineering

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Ontario, Canada
Home Planet: Earth


Age: 27
Height: 5’9
Weight: 180
Hair length: Shoulder Length
Hair-color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Green
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Average build and is moderately attractive. Thick hair and beard.


Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Major Area of Study: Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Flight


Brian Bedford was born June 3rd, 2356 in Ontario, Canada. He is the youngest son of Mack and Jody Bedford. Brian lived in Canada most of his life. However, he had a dispute with his father on regards to his future and moved away after his high school graduation. Bedford’s father wanted him to stay in Ontario and help run the family business, however, Brian wanted bigger and better things. Brian was cut off from his family, which forced him to move to San Francisco, where he joined Starfleet Academy. Brian was an A student at the Academy and excelled in the Engineering Department.

Bedford earned a spot at the secret Tygress Base, developing the USS Redeemer. During his work there, he was captured by Admiral Neilan Loran and tortured for information. However, he and his friend AJ Tobeck, were able to keep the secret of the Redeemer. He and Tobeck were later rescued by Admiral Novaq, and both decided to join Project Infinite.

Brian remained with the project for a year, until AJ was killed by the Rukukon attack on SB 24. Soon after, he quit due to emotional stress.

Later assigned to USS Missouri as chief of engineering.


2376: Enrolled into Starfleet Academy

2378: Cadet Cruise on the USS Chrysoloras

2379: Assigned to a Top Secret Base in the Tygress-System, to assist with the construction of an advanced Federation Starship, the USS Redeemer.

2380: Assigned to Project Infinite as chief engineer of the USS Redeemer. Promoted to Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

2381: Quits Project Infinite after death of friend AJ Tobeck.

2381: Assigned to USS Missouri as chief of engineering.

2382: Taken prisoner by Rukukon at frontline of Mars.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Enjoys hockey and visiting in social groups.

Personal Traits: Brian is an extremely approachable person. He enjoys friendly conversation and will go out of his way to talk to people. Brian is usually well liked by his peers and that includes commanding officers.

Brian has a tendency to rush into romantic relationships but they normally lasts only a couple of weeks. He is humble in most respects, a team player.


Family: Mack and Jody Bedford (parents).
Stephen and Joshua Bedford (two older brothers).

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