Lieutenant India "Skirts" Mori Seki

Lieutenant India (Skirts) Mori Seki
Race: Human
Age: 27
Birthplace: Jakarta, Earth
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 115 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Down to waist, usually worn in a fairly severe braid to the shoulders.
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Coco

India Mori Seki was born to a pair of Professors of Vulcan Literature and Logic despite the fact that both were well into their eighties and in failing health. To say she was a surprise in their lives is an understatement she had to live through to believe. The fact of the matter was that she was not planned for, nor terribly wanted to begin with. Just the same, her parents managed to provide for her past any threshold of expectation. As a child she received the best tutors, in the best schools, in the most exotic locations, and in the greatest profusion of any Starfleet Academy graduate save a privileged (and very rare) few. She attended fifteen boarding schools before she applied to the Academy, and excelled at all of them. Still she had to suffer the oddity of being raised by her grand nieces and nephews all her life.

At the Academy she flourished as never before. Free at last to build a life on her own terms beyond the capricious whims of her extended family, she struggled at her studies for the first time during her first semester due to her private life. During the next three and a half years, she managed to graduate in the middle of her class with a degree in Journalism. Still her personal life made all of her professors recoil at the thought of having her run amok out in the fleet, and she was assigned to the rat-holed Pathfinder Project in the hopes she would learn to control her licentious behavior under the stern eye of Captain David Porter.

Porter managed to channel Mori Seki’s energies into the makings of a superb pilot. Before the end of the year, the young Ensign had raced through the Test Pilot final exams at Saturn Station and was well on her way to making her career turn around. When the USS Pale Horse left the Alfa Quadrant, it took Mori Seki along as one of its Snow Fox Pilots. When it returned India was the hands-down winner for expert pilot. There was literally nothing in the Pale Horse she could not fly better than Academy instructors including the Pale Horse itself. Unfortunately almost all her service record has been classified along with the rest of the Pathfinder mission so even though she is now a senior Lieutenant, her effective seniority is the same as when she left the Alfa Quadrant as an Ensign.

She applied for a position in the Thunderchief Project, but for reasons not disclosed, Admiral Janeway reassigned her and the surviving pilots from the Pale Horse to widely scattered posts around the Federation. The Pale Horse was mothballed along with her compliment of Snow Fox and Ox Fox fighters. Captain Porter never returned from the mission. Still India’s skill as a pilot was put to use in the more conventional Crescent-class fighter. Her next assignment was to Fighter Squadron-17 “Jolly Rogers” stationed at Alfa Centauri where she kept a low profile until reassigned to FS-51 “Raiders.” Mori Seki has risen through the ranks to become one of Commander Mako’s flight leaders and Maintenance Officer.

Short, squat, profane, and promiscuous she's a fiercely combative pilot. While not a seasoned officer, she's young enough to believe she is. That doesn't mean she's a bad pilot, just an erratic leader. She has a habit of choosing the worst men possible for her career to sex up, and Mako has fits trying to keep her from self-destructing. So long as she keeps her head clear of all her escapades in bed, she's a fairly level-headed and thoughtful officer. She's known for her ability to listen and her skill at cutting to the heart of a problem. As a pilot her style favors close-in knife fights.

India adores keeping secrets and her talents as a listener make her privy to all kinds of gossip she shouldn't know. Captain Porter knew how to control India's more dangerous proclivities, but Mako struggles to keep Mori Seki in line. Mako's livid command style tends to feed Mori Seki's daring impulses, so the two women spend much of their time together in exasperated frustration. The peculiar dynamic is that India, for all her exploits, is a faint echo of a mother hen to Mako. Her ability to cut to the heart of a problem is usually exercised in regard to Mako's command etiquette. And she tends to act as a mediator between Mako and her superiors.

Her appearance is rather striking. With a Japanese father and a Congolese mother, she is a hodgepodge of eye-catching features. She has a milky coco complexion, with very large brown eyes. Her hair is straight, obsidian, very thick, and when untied hangs to her waist. Her face is fine featured and expressive. She has the wide hips and big chest of her mother combined with the slim, wiry build of her father. She has her uniforms tailor-made not to accentuate her form, but to fit her odd proportions in a comfortable manner. In full uniform, she has the build of a Russian peasant woman. Out of uniform she has one of the most drastic hourglass figures on record made all the more surprising by her short stature. Not precisely a beauty, she has a knack for turning her feminine charms on and off purely at will. Classmates often couldn’t reconcile the woman they saw carousing off campus, with the woman they knew from class.


2354: Born to Dr. Tristan Mori Seki (86) and Dr. Mabila Mori Seki (85)
2363: Parents die while she was attending boarding school in Bonn, Germany two months apart. No permanent custody ever settled with her extended family.
2372: Joined Starfleet Academy (Amsterdam Campus, transferred to San Francisco Campus two years later.)
2375: Graduates in the middle of her class. Assigned to Pathfinder project. (Classified)
2376-2378: (Expunged by Starfleet Internal Affairs.)
2378: Returns from Pathfinder mission a senior Lieutenant with Master Test Pilot wings. Applies for Thunderchief Project and is assigned to FS-17 at Alfa Centauri.
2380: Reassigned to FS-51.

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