Lieutenant Erica Phoenix Redmond

Name: Erica Redmond
Department: Flight

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Place of birth : Boston, Earth
Home planet : Earth


Age : 26 years
Height : 1.68 meters
Weight : 54 Kilograms
Hair length : Long
Hair-color : Blonde
Eye color : Blue
Personal Appearance: Attractive but doesn't see it.


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: CHARC Pilot / Squadron Leader

Major Area of Study : Tactical / Flight
Minor Area of Study : Command

History and Timeline

Attended schools : Starfleet Academy, Starfleet Flight School

Previous assignments :

Utopia Planetia Shipyard - Test pilot
USS Marathon - Squadron Leader
USS Liberty - Squadron Leader

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Horseback riding, hiking, assembling and painting models.

Personal traits : Withdrawn. Professional. Lacks self-esteem. Extremely cautious and meticulous; precise. Cool under pressure.


Family :
Brian Redmond (father) - retired Starfleet engineer.
Elizabeth Stewart Redmond (mother ) - deceased in childbirth.
Ellery Redmond (twin sister - deceased in training accident at Starfleet

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