Lieutenant Commander Ryan A Galen

Name: Ryan Andre Galen PhD
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Department: Operations
Post: Chief of Operations - USS Redeemer and USS St. Leonard

Race: Human/Centauran Hybrid
Date of Birth: October 17, 2345
Age: 37
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 183lbs
Hair: Reddish-Black
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skin tone: Light Brown, Coppery
Build: Muscular, but not too stocky

Physical Description: Appears as a light-skinned black Terran with typical Centauran shaped eyes and mouth. Constantly maintains his trademarked neat goatee, and keeps his hair cut close on the sides with just above mid-back length braids running from the top. Has a face and body that usually blends
into a crowd. When off-duty, is fond of wearing dark colors. Usually carries himself as he is a spring about to uncoil. Rarely fully relaxes. There is also an air of self-confidence in his demeanor that borders on arrogant.

Elayne, Ryan's daughter is a mix of both parents, with tanned
Caucasian skin, piercing green eyes, and wavy Dark blonde hair that
falls almost to her waist. She is very slender, with a generally
socially reserved personality. However, she does have her father's
intelligence, willpower and stubbornness, and has inherited her late
mother's trademark Centauran temper when she is finally angered,
fortunately, that is a very rare occurrence. In the last few months,
the younger Galen has begun to shows signs of a more extroverted
personality which bears watching.

Personal History:

Birthplace: Langston City, Mars Colony

Background: Ryan comes from a military family that has had both sides
serving in Starfleet for at least three generations. Galen grew up on
various starbases, living mostly with his father and siblings.
Although he has lost family members who were serving in Starfleet,
Ryan feels that it is his destiny to follow in the family tradition
and serve in the fleet. A very bright person, he graduated from his
high schooling early and his parents sent him to Earth at 15, where
he ended up getting his first degree in Military History and Theory.
He then was able to get a posting to the Academy on his second
attempt. He failed the first attempt during the hologram tests,
choosing to ignore protocol and a superior officer's orders to
successfully rescue three downed crewmen in simulation. This
particular trait would be something that would contine to dog Galen
throughout his Starfleet career.

Galen had a relatively unremarkable Academy tour, the only noteworthy
things being him flatly turning down an offer to join the Academy's
Red Squad Program, publicly, and his being selected to serve his
cadet cruise aboard one of the first of the Akira Class vessels in
the fleet, the USS Thunderchild. Ryan graduated from the Academy with
honors, rated ninth overall in his class.

After his cadet cruise, Galen served some time in StarFleet Search and
Rescue Command as a mission control specialist, then after sustaining
combat injuries during a still classified Deep Penetration Rescue
Mission in Romulan Space, Ryan was transferred to the USS Xanith, an
Intrepid class cruiser for light duty and cross training as a
helmsman. When a posting became available on a Capital Ship operating
close to the Triangle, Ryan jumped at the chance.

His cross training provided invaluable during the USS Silver Fox's
mission, but during crew reallocation and refurbishment, Galen
requested a transfer off of what he felt was a "cursed" ship, even
though the original ship had been blown to space dust in the
Karotovian Expanse. There were also tensions between him and Captain
Azkarra Torem regarding his operating procedures from his more combat
oriented background. There was also the issue of her being medically
removed from duty for psychological instabilities and general
endangerment of the ship, which Galen enforced with just cause on
three separate occasions.

Ryan now was beginning to settle into responsibility and was hoping
that his tenure on the Fearless would help hone the few skills he
felt he was lacking in. He did a short stint on the Fearless that
last 6 months, and realizing he wanted a change of scenery, after
being taken off active duty for "psychological unstabilities" due to
various factors, including his in-ability to deal with his burgeoning
psionic powers, which were an after-effect of dealing with the alien
entity that destroyed the Silver Fox. The factor of having the infamy
of a ramming manuvuer named after him after an encounter with the
Breen did not help matters much. Fortunately, or unfortunately,
the "Galen Manuvuer" not normally shown to most Helm Operations

He then went thru a 1 year intense Deep Space science exploration
course to get certified as a science officer. It also gave him time
to come to termswith his new psionic powers and his past. Ryan then
transferred to the USS Tiger-Eye, a Prometheus class ship. Galen
enjoyed his stay on the Tiger-Eye, and learned quite a bit about
command procedures, and grew as an officer, but when the chance came
to transfer postings and get his career back onto the command track
he jumped at it. After all, he wanted to be in a position that would
do his family, especially his new-found daughter proud.

Before he left the Tiger-Eye, he did accept one more mission, which
was to act as Chief of Operations and First Officer for a daring
rescue mission within Romulan space. A portion of the crew of the
Tiger-Eye had been captured while attempting to do a rescue
themselves of another Starfleet crew near the Neutral Zone. During
the ground operation, which successfully rescued the survivors of
both crews, Galen encountered a Tal Shi'ar trained Esper and engaged
him in psionic combat. Galen was left in a temporary coma, and the
romulan was left for dead. Upon his surprisingly rapid recovery, Ryan
quickly discovered that his powers have mutated again…….somewhat
like he is completely psi-blind now. However, it was also discovered
that he has also gained a rare Centauran ability to have his mind
create a psionic null zone which makes it all but impossible for him
to be mind scanned or psionically assaulted without extreme effort.

He then took three months off, and went back to Alpha Centauri to get
better acquainted with his daughter and decide what he wanted to do
with his life. At that point he returned to the fleet and went thru 6
months of command school, taking in what he could to learn how to be
a better Operations Department Manager, with the intent of going into
Starbase Operations, and eventually Command Operations, since there
were not very many starships that would provide a stable environment
for Elayne, the center of his life.

However, fate intervened in Galen's life one more time when he gave
in and accepted a posting in the Operations department aboard the
Galaxy class USS Magellan, partially at the insistence of close
friend and former shipmate, Lieutenant Commander Ressek Kalina MD,
who was assigned to the ship as it's Chief Medical Officer.

He served a short 1 year tour aboard the USS Magellan, then was
transferred to Starbase 111 with the promise of an eventual transfer
into the command division. Instead, after an additional 3 months he
was then posted aboard the USS Pathfinder, another Medical Research

At first, he thought that this was another dead-end assignment, then
things began to get interesting. First, he was promoted to the rank
he had been denied a few times previous, that of Lieutenant
Commander. Then he was selected to fill the slot of Second officer,
another unexpected twist for his rocky career. Then on the private
side, as his bonds grew with Elayne, he also discovered a growing
attraction for one of his shipmates, Lieutenant Nancy Lansing, as
well as a new sense belonging with his new crew..his new
family on board the Pathfinder.

Life and the fleet would throw him a new curve ball, however.
Shortly after his promotion to Lieutenant Commander and recovering
from injuries sustained while partaking in the rescue mission of
Admiral Atkinson from rogue Starfleet Officers, Ryan received orders
to report to a newly crewed ship serving on the other side of the
borderlands. Ryan initially put up some fuss with his new transfer
because he felt he was being taken away from a ship that he did fit
in with and a family he had grown close to, even if it meant he had
to resign his third pip. However, his voice of dissent was quieted
somewhat when he found out that he would be able to take his daughter
along with him.

He was then transferred to Starbase 212, with a tentative posting
aboard the USS Odyssey, a newly commissioned Nebula Class Heavy
Cruiser. It was at this time that Galen discovered that he was being
somewhat groomed for a posting with Fleet Central Command, as this
was his second posting where he was acting as a floating agent for
the Sector versus being directly assigned to a specific ship.
Unfortunately, his tour aboard the Odyssey did not last very long, or
end on a good note, when the Odyssey was damaged and reduced to
salvage during a still un-explained space catastrophe with what is
currently thought of to be semi-targeted asteroids. Galen and the
other survivors from the USS Odyssey were rescued by the USS
Pathfinder and other 4th fleet ships in the area, and were returned
to Starbase 114, Sector Command.

After the investigation by an Admiralty inquiry board, Galen was
allowed to resume his normal duties, and was assigned once more to
the USS Pathfinder, now with a completely new command crew. Feeling
both a bit out of place, but back home at the same time, Galen
accepted the new assignment, but with some very distinct
reservations. Now he is merely waiting to see how long it will take
for him and his family to get acclimated to yet another change in the

Psychological Profile: Personality:

Loves: reading, cats, martial arts (Muy-Thai kickboxing, Hwarang-Do
and Mo-Go-Gong), fencing, collecting arcane blades, swimming, camping,
collecting model starships (has close to 140 1/256/ scale models
already, including gold and Latinum replicas of each ship he has
served on over the mantle piece in his quarters), target shooting,
Napoleonic and Renaissance era Holo-programs, cooking, and sushi.
Oddly enough, he has begun to enjoy equestrianship in the last few
years, mostly at the prodding of his daughter and Lansing. He is also
currently writing his second book on Space based tactics and the
evolution of Starfleet Tactical Combat doctrines.

Dislikes: Pompous people, desk-job assignments, diplomatic duty
assignments, incompetence, recreational drugs , REALLY Dislikes

Has a mild allergic reaction to anything cooked with Ptallaran Spices
from Bolarus IX. Also seems to have an allergic reaction to close or
prolonged contact with Ketrecel White.

Does not like Psionic intrusions and has a strong dislike for
Counselors. Is also more or less antagonistical towards medical
personnel in general, but that is more on a case-by-case basis.
However, he will work with counselors and doctors to carry out the
objectives to a mission, although it will often be done under protest.

Habits and mannerisms: Likes to play mentally simulating games such
as 3-d chess and is fairly skilled at Strategmo and Kal-toh, Studies
people and behaviors, is constantly trying to analyze them, sometimes
becomes single-minded when working on projects. Enjoys multi-tasking.
has a tendency to read books whenever alone. Is also trying his hand
at writing.

Dotes on his cat, Ember. Loves daughter Elayne almost to the point of
over-protectiveness. Very talkative, also a debater. Is bred military,

-Starfleet Academy (Major: Operations (Business Administration),
Dual-Minor: Intelligence and Tactical Operations )
-Elementary: Langston City, Mars
-Secondary: Luna City, Moon, and Suffox, London, Europa
-Attended Emory Univeristy on Earth, graduated in five semesters with
a Bachelor's Degree in Military History
-Master's Degree in Military History, Starfleet Academy.
-Doctorate in Military History, Starfleet Academy correspondence

Other Education:
-Deep Space Search & Rescue Operations Training
-StarFleet Deep Space Exploration Training Program.
-Taught Geology and XenoBiology courses
-Advanced Hand to Hand Training
-Advanced Tactical Combat School
-Advanced Weapons Training
-Linguistics training in Romulan, Centauran, Latin, German, Japanese, Andorian, Ferengi Trade Speak, Klingon, Orion Trade Speak
-Bridge Qualification Certification Course
-Command Officer's School, Operations
-Flight Certification, Level VIII
-Extra-Vehicular Activities Instructor Certification


-Daughter: Elayne Margorette Galen, 12 years old, 3/4 Centauran. Moved in with her father after the death of her mother on an Away Mission in the Beta Quadrent. Currently staying with her Aunt and Uncle on the Daystrom Institute Installation.

-Father: Vice Admiral (3-Star) Owen Galen, 75 years, (living)
stationed out of Utopia Planetia, Commander in Chief, Research and Design, Starfleet Corps of Engineer

-Sister: LT. (Dr.) Renee Simmonds (living) M.D, 37, Lt Cmdr. Twin sister,Xeno-Cardiologist stationed at the Daystrom Institute.

-Brother-in-Law: Lt. Cmdr. Tyrese Simmonds, 41, ChSecOff stationed at the Daystrom Institute

-Sister: Janine (living) 28 years, Lt j.g., USS Eclipse, Chief CONN Officer

-Brother: Antonio (deceased), Ensign, killed during fleet actions at Wolf359, stationed on the U.S.S. Sheridan N.C.C. 38771-A

-Mother: Eva(deceased) Lt. Cmdr, Alpha Centauran, CSciOff,
xenobiologist..killed during mission accident on SD 396210.19
Stationed aboard the U.S.S Columbine N.C.C 17784

-Cat: Ember, 11 year old spayed female maize bobtail. Has been with Galen since she was 12 weeks old. While getting a bit grey in the whiskers, still Galen's constant companion.

Service History:

-USS Thunderchild, Cadet Cruise
-Promotion to Ensign
-Starfleet Command: Search and Rescue Operations Command
-USS Hughes, Operations Officer
-Medical Leave of Absence, SB 375
-USS Xanith , Conn Officer,
-USS Silver Fox , Conn Officer
-USS Silver Fox, Tactical Officer
-Promotion to Lieutenant j.g.
-USS Silver Fox, Chief of Security
-USS Fearless, Chief of CONN, Asst. Chief of Operations
-Remanded from Active Duty
-Star Fleet Medical, Sol, Psychological Evaluations
-Reinstated to Active Duty
-DS 5, Deep Space Training Program, Geo-Archeologist
-Promotion to Lieutenant (brevet)
-USS Tiger Eye, Chief Science Officer
-Promotion to Lieutenant Confirmed
-USS Tiger Eye-B, Chief of Operations
-Extended Medical and Personal Leave of Absence, Alpha Centauri
-Command Officer's School, Operations, StarFleet Academy
-USS Magellan, Chief Operations Officer
-Starbase 111, Senior Flight Control Officer
-USS Pathfinder, Chief of Operations
-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
-USS Pathfinder, Chief of Operations, Second Officer
-USS Odyssey, Chief Strategic Operations Officer
-USS Pathfinder, Chief of Operations, Second Officer

Supplemental Medical Information:

Has a long scar on left arm, runs from bicep to mid-forearm.
Also has minor scars though-out his body from numerous martial arts
tournaments and Away Team missions. Is single. Suffers from chronic
insomnia. It has seemed that in the last year, that the bouts of
insomnia grew worse. However, the bouts seem to have become more
infrequent since his re-assignment back to the USS Pathfinder along
with Lieutenant jg Lansing. (see below for possible reasons). Also
suffers from chronic low-level headaches after an encounter with an
alien lifeform while serving aboard the SilverFox. It is surmised
that this contact also awakened Galen's latent Psionic abilities from
his mother's side. However, recent evaluations are inconclusive since
the normal Alpha Centauran pattern psi-blocking auto defense ability
seems to have kicked in recently, and Galen has lost the other
powers, which are now thought to have been artificial in origin.

Very adaptable to different climates. Poor sense of taste and smell.
Extraordinary sense of touch and hearing. Left-handed, although he has
trained himself to be ambidextrous.

In regards to his daughter, he allows her to feed her natural
talents, but is also very protective of her as well.

As a side note, has a somewhat quirky and underdeveloped sixth sense.
Has a highly developed Psionic auto defense mechanism that make it
almost impossible to read his thoughts without his noticing or thru
extreme force and effort. He also has a primitive form of empathy,
but it seems to more attributed to his intense training as an
intelligence officer in reading people's body language and mannerisms.

It appears that after a traumatic incident aboard the Pathfinder during Galen's first tour, Galen's original bio-kinetic powers have returned, and his psionics are mutating again, but only time and further research will tell the full extent. It also has been noted by Lieutenant j.g T'Alla Loyria, Ship's Counselor for the USS Pathfinder that Galen has also begun to exhibit at least an inconsistent but strong form of Telepathy as well. It is also that his insomnia has gotten worse in the last few months, and it is believed that there might be a connection between the two phenomena, however, this has not caused a problem with Galen's military performance to date.

Another side note, it appears that as a secondary result of the near death experience that jump-started Galen's abilities seem to have also given him something of a limited mind-link with Lieutenant Nancy Lansing. (Cross reference File #delta-episilon 478910-ae56)

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