Lieutenant Angie Burke-Silarno

Name: Angie Burke-Silarno

Race: Human
Place of birth: Sydney Australia, Earth
Home planet: Earth


Age: 30 Years
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120 Lbs
Hair length: long
Hair-color: brown
Eye color: Blue


Rank: Lieutenant
Position: Former chief engineer of Starbase 24 (took leave of absense, transferred back to Earth)

Major Area of Study: Engineering
Minor Area of Study: Helm

History and Timeline

Attended schools: Starfleet Academy.

Previous assignments: USS Gauss. Served as engineer and helm officer on the Gauss from the time of graduation. Remained there until it turned to space dust.

USS Liberty. Became a “permanent” member of the Liberty after the destruction of the Gauss. Has been hopping around since.

After Valkurak War, was transferred to Starbase 24/Project Infinite.

Husband became ill, so she took leave of absense.

Personal Studies: Flying, built and flew her own bi-plane when she was 16, crashed it. Rebuilt it and flies it when she’s at home.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Flying, writing holo-novels, drinking, partying

Personal traits: Fun loving, somewhat of a trickster at times. Enjoys having a good time and loves her work. Would rather be buried in Jeffries tubes than reading a book.


Husband, Lt. Cmdr Matthew Silarno
Louisa Burke, mother, civilian. John Burke, father, CEO.
Siblings: Pierce, brother, older. 2 other older brothers. Trisha, sister, twin. 1 younger brother.

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