Mr. Keys

Name: Sijyen

Aliases: Mr. Keys

Race: Suliban

History: For many decades, the Suliban have not been seen or heard from. After their war with the Tandarans, they rebult their homeworld and chose to remain free from any affiliation with any of the major alliances, thus making them a non-threat and free to move about as they choose. During the war, the Suliban Cabel went against what the majority of the race believe to be moral and peaceful, thus giving all Suliban a “bad name” throughout the quadrant. After the war ended, the Cabel were dismantelded and the Suliban government was re-built.

However, a few Suliban have researched the abilities of the Cabel and have built the technology to duplicate the genetic engineering they used. The Suliban government voted and approved the enineering in secret, creating a covert intelligece section that helped to protect the fragile planent and its people.

Sijyen, the most recent success of the program, played a major role in the positive outcome of the Vaulkyr War. The Suliban, though neutral, knew that Federation defeat would not be good for Suliban people. When the war ended, Sijyen, who became known as Mr. Keys to his contacts (for his ability to get into locked and block doors, ships, stations, etc.), was approached to join Section 7. Seeing how such a group would benefit all people in the quadrant, he accepted. Upon completion of his training, he was told of the Void, and he has used his abilities, and his connections and sources, to help stop the growing Void. Though he still remains an agent of the Suliban goverment, he has not yet informed his goverment of the Void. The resulting chaos would be desasterious.

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