Ian Karilov

Name : Ian Thomas Karilov
Rank/Agency: Public Affairs Officer, Federation Department of the Treasury
Race : Human
Place of Birth : Earth
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 36
Height : 5’11"
Weight : 170 lbs
Hair Length : Short
Hair Color : Blond
Eye Color : Grey
Physical Description : Handsome, but not stunningly so.


A public affairs officer for the Federation Department of the Treasury, Ian Karilov is a career civil servant who has been posted to several Federation worlds. Currently assigned to headquarters in London on Earth, he is married to Department of State employee Rosslyn Tanaka, they have twin daughters, Reiko and Kisa.

Hobbies and Traits

History, holodeck scenarios, brain teaser puzzles and math equations, reading, travel, basketball.


Wife: Rosslyn Tanaka, Federation Department of State
Daughters: Reiko & Kisa Tanaka-Karilov (Twins, Age 9)
Mother: Olivia Androva, Banker
Father: Piotr Karilov, Policeman (Retired)

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