Fighter Squadron 78: The Myrmidons

The "78's" or "Myrmidons" were formed during the Dominion War following a particularly high death rate in pilots on the front lines. Much of the core group previously belonged to other flight wings which counted among those lost, several of whom even bore witness to their fellow pilots' demise.

There is then, an unusually strong bond among the 78's which - whilst certainly contributing to their ability to survive - can often be alienating for the newer members and other pilots.

Currently assigned to the USS Onikage

Squadron Commander
Lt. Commander Long "Dusk" Wai Hung

Wing Leaders
Lieutenant Halbert "Rapier" Giddings
Lieutenant Kirsten "Sorrow" Donnell

Former Pilots
Lieutenant Viktor "Sunstorm" Armon
Lieutenant Marisa "Thorn" Beneros
Lieutenant Amir Abu "Djinn" Tal
Lieutenant JG John "Cyclone" Malks

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