Federation News Network

Federation News Network (FNN) is a Federaion-based cable news channel. It is owned by the United Federation of Planets. As of January 2210, it is available to two-hundred billion households, broadcasting primarily out of its New York City studios and Earth Orbital Space Station.

FFN Staff

Mark Williams - Lead Anchor

Mark Williams is the lead anchor and faceman for the FNN.


Cadence Ramsey - Field Reporter

Cadence Ramsey is a crack field reporter, one of the best in the FNN, but tends to play second fiddle to reporter, Andrea Martin. Cadence is confident, driven, and strong-willed. She tends to be egotistical at times. She is determined to become a lead anchor for the FNN and hopes that becoming the most important field reporter will increase her chances. She has a mild flirtation with FNN Research Analysist, Peter Crittenden.

Interesting Note: Cadence is one of the first civilians to learn of Project Infinite.


Peter Crittenden - Research Analysist and Computer Specialist

Peter Crittenden is an employee of the FNN, whose main focus is to confirm facts and details of possible stories. He will actually research portions of the story for the reporters. Peter is also a computer whiz, able to crack most firewalls and computer blocks. This makes him extremely useful when reporters "snoop" for information. However, he keeps this ability quiet as the authorities would surely arrest him and bring him to trial upon discovery. Peter is a mild mannered man, willing to help his friends any way possible. He is a sucker for a pretty face and is secretly in love with Cadence Ramsey.

Andrea Martin - Field Reporter

Andrea Martin is the lead Field Reporter for the FNN.

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