Ensign Vala Siren Martinez

Name : Vala Elisabeth Martinez
Callsign: Siren
Department : Flight

Race : Human/Trill
Place of Birth : New York City
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 23
Height : 5’6”
Weight : 130 lbs.
Hair Length : Long
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Violet
Complexion : Light Olive/Light Tan
Physical Description : Muscular and toned, Vala has the perfect figure…and she knows it. She possesses the customary trill spots, but being half human, they are much lighter than normal.


Rank: Ensign
Major Area of Study : Flight
Minor Area of Study : Communications


Vala is the eldest of four children of a human man and a joined trill woman, and has been a party girl for as long as she’s been alive. Her parents encouraged her to enlist in Starfleet, thinking perhaps that the discipline would mellow her out. However, their plans backfired miserably in multiple ways, when their daughter not only dated practically every boy at the Academy, but also decided to become a fighter pilot. Despite her romantic endeavors getting her into trouble a few times, Vala finished close to the top of her class in Flight School.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Music, holodeck simulations (especially of beach resorts or casinos), partying, watching ancient movies.

Personal Traits : The quintessential party girl, Vala seems to be doing her best to inadvertently prove all stereotypes about pilots to be correct. She loves gambling, casinos, beach resorts, parties, romantic trysts, and showing off her sex appeal, and is arrogant as hell. However, she also pays great attention to making sure her piloting and combat skills are top-notch, and bonds easily with her fellow pilots.


Father: Jose Martinez, Businessman
Mother: Melari Zahn, Artist (joined trill)
Sister: Nilani Martinez, 19 (currently studying political science at an Earth university)
Brother: Eric Martinez, 15
Sister: Catalina Martinez, 8

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