Shaya Aleston

Name: Shaya Aleston
Rank: Ensign

Department: Records
Position: Records Officer

Race: Human
Gender: Female

Home: Earth

Ensign Shaya Aleston has a photographic memory, and thus is able to recall information, data and past events with unerring accuracy. Her main role at Project Infinite is assisting the Science Department with it's vast catalogue generated by the study of The Void.

During the Valkurak War, Ensign Aleston served at Starfleet Installation 47. Late into the War, SI47 became suspected of containing one or more officers involved in the 'grand conspiracy' (which only recently came to a head in the last year). The crew of the USS Liberty went in to investigate and uncovered several key officers - including the Executive Officer (Commander Bill Rauchland) and Chief Medical Officer - were a party to the conspiracy.

During her time at SI47, Ensign Aleston had been involved with at least one officer on the base, one of which was later killed by the conspirators after discovering their plans. It is also believed that she was complicit in at least some their actions, though unaware of their overall intentions. Taking this into account, plus the threat posed by her senior officers (her Commanding Officer, though uninvolved in the conspiracy, was found to be grossly incompetent) and her assistance of the crew of the Liberty in recovering vital evidence at SI47 before it's destruction, it was decided that she would not be subject to a court martial.

However, her name was severely blackened by the event and it was only through Rear Admiral Novaq's persistence that she was given any decent assignment at all: following the War she was at a loose end until he approached her about working for Project Infinite.

Whilst working for PI in 2380, she became infected by the Cerere Virus after being bitten by Commander Jennifer Yoshii (who had contracted it herself directly from the Cesere). The unusual circumstances of her infection, crossed with her prolonged treatment appear to have created unusual side-effects within Aleston. As the virus' original purpose was to turn the infected into a host for a Cesere embryo, it now seems to 'protect' her in order to ensure the embryo's eventual safety. This given her a vastly enhanced immune and regenerative system, which meant she survived a lethal assault on a Runabout she was traveling in. It is not known what the further mutations of the virus will cause to her at a genetic level.

Point of Interest

Starfleet Installation 47 was destroyed by a subspace instabillity which forced two versions of the outpost to exist in the same place at the same time. It was not until much later that this was attributed as a side-effect of The Void.

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