Ensign Mika Slayton

Name : Mika Slayton
Rank: Ensign

Department : Medical
Position: Medical Officer

Race : Human
Gender: Female
Place of Birth : Earth
Home Planet : Earth


Age : 23
Height : 1.7 m
Weight : 61 kgs
Hair length : Medium
Hair-color : Brown
Eye color : Dark Brown
Complexion : Light


Mika recently became good friends with Ensign Aleston following the evacuation of Starbase 24, in which they were thrown together, helping the injured and supporting each other through the situation.

She appears smart, witty and playful, which plays well off Aleston to good effect. However, she has strong concerns for her friends health which, as a medical officer, are more apparent to her than others.

Cause of Death

Mika was accidentally killed by her best friend, Shaya Aleston. During a violent outburst, the medical officer was knocked into a wall, the impact killing her instantly. This incident was covered up by Doctor Vantos, thus Ensign Slayton is officially listed as MIA.

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