Ensign Lynx M Rrana

Name : M’rrana
Callsign: Lynx
Department : Flight

Race : Catain
Place of Birth : Cait
Home Planet : Cait


Age : 23
Height : 5’8”
Weight : 150 lbs.
Eye Color : Green
Complexion : A mixture of taupe and light grey fur, clipped short.
Physical Description : Felinoid in nature, M’rrana clips her taupe/grey fur in order to better fit in her flightsuit, and paints her upper claws (filed so as to not damage her gloves) pearly silver.


Rank: Ensign
Major Area of Study : Flight
Minor Areas of Study : Command and Security


M’rrana is one of many children of M’rrylha, a member of the Clan Council of her Clan. She has several littermates who share her same father, R’rhantha, a local doctor, as well as dozens of half-siblings. Raised on Cait, when she came of age she applied to Starfleet Academy with the support of both her parents and her clan. This is her first assignment following Flight School. Since coming to the starbase, she has bonded easily with her fellow pilots. However, she, perhaps more than any other member of the Project, finds the isolation and lack of contact forced upon them by the classified nature of the Project to be difficult to bear. As a partial remedy to this fact, she has become very close with Commander M'rrista, a fellow Catain assigned to the Project.

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies : Climbing, holodeck simulations, martial arts, fishing.

Personal Traits : M'rrana is a hunter at heart and has no problem letting people know it. She doesn't attempt to hide that side of herself…assuming she even could. However, she also has an immense sense of humor, and loves a good joke. She is a sociable, extroverted person who loves to socialize. She possesses keen senses of smell, sight, and hearing, as well as an excellent sense of spatial relations. Her favorite human food is cheese. She hates swimming, however she took up fishing as a hobby while attending the academy, realizing it was an easy way to get fish without getting wet in the process. With no less than 17 older siblings (and numerous younger ones), M'rrana felt the need to distinguish herself from the crowd. As a child, she was always the bold one—going a little faster, a little further, a little higher than her siblings, reveling in climbing to the tops of the tallest trees in the city.


Father: R'rhantha, Doctor
Mother: M'rrylha, Member of the Clan Council
Siblings & Half-Siblings: Too many to name

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