Ensign Abram Daggett

Name: Abram Daggett
Department: Security

Race: Human
Place of Birth: Madison, North Carolina
Home Planet: Earth


Age: 25
Height: 5’11
Weight: 180
Hair length: Neck Length
Hair-color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Youthful and Attractive. Skinny but good muscle tone.
Has a posatronic right arm.


Rank: Ensign
Major Area of Study: Security
Minor Area of Study: Command


Abram Daggett was born May 3rd, 2357 in Madison, North Carolina. He is the youngest son of
Jeremiah and Veronica Daggett. He has one older brother, Jeremiah Daggett the III. His family comes from a long and distinguished past in Starfleet. His father, as his father before him, was an highly respected officer of Starfleet Command. Abrams’ older brother, Jeremiah, also joined Starfleet and has excelled within his position. Jeremiah Daggett the III was first in his class in the Academy and is considered the most desired officer in Starfleet.

Abram is considered the slacker in the family. Although, he has great potential, his achievements fall short from that of his brother’s. Abram has been in trouble with Starfleet Command on several occasions. Abram feels belittled by his brother and is always in direct competition with him. However, he believes that nothing he does is good enough in the eyes of his family. Abram continues to work hard in the hopes of gaining his father's respect.


After being reprimanded by his father, Abe decided to straighten up his act up, mostly to disprove his father’s belief that he would amount to nothing. Abe worked diligently in the security field, earning perfect marks for three straight board reviews. He showed great potential and was later informed of Project Infinite. He was given the choice to accept the mission, which he did in order to escape the constant berating from his father and brother.

Abe became an intricate part of the Project Infinite security department. He quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming Lieutenant Martawg and Lieutenant Thor’s personal aid.

During the investigation of a Rukukon secret base, Abe befriend Ensign Shaya Aleston. The two became close friends and romantic feelings developed between them. However, they took the relationship slow, and nothing really developed. However, they clearly have some form of connection, perhaps more for Abe.


In 2381, during a fugitive recovery mission, Abe fell into a trap and was attacked by an infant Cesere that devoured his right arm. Abe later underwent positronic brain and arm surgery, giving him a highly advanced, highly powerful arm. The positronic arm became quite useful to Abe, as he used it for PI missions. However, he tended to use the arm in unorthodox ways and often threatened people with it.


Abram personality takes on a darker role. His relationship with Ensign Shaya Aleston has left him emotionally distraught. Also, his parents were killed in the bombing of San Fransisco. As a result, Commander Jeremiah Daggett III is assigned to Project Infinite, who Abram cannot stand. All these issues have resulted in Abram turning to alcoholism.

Abe was later striped of rank and placed in custody for behavior unbecoming an officer. These charges were later dropped due to his brother's relationship with President Jarvinen.

Abe returned to active duty on Project Infinite, and began to right the wrongs he committed in the past, including giving up drinking.


2375: Enrolled into Starfleet Academy

2376: Reprimanded for unacceptable behavior.
His file is flagged.

2378: Reprimanded for misconduct regarding a professor.
His file is flagged.

2379: Cadet Cruise on the USS Vicksburg

2380: Assigned to the USS Dauntless.

2381: Assigned to Starbase 24

2381: Undergoes posatronic arm surgery. Cause of injury
deemed classified.

2382: Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

2382: Striped of rank and placed in confinement for conduct unbecoming.

2382: Reinstated into Starfleet, demoted to rank of Ensign.

2383: Assigned to the USS Sao Paulo as Chief of Security. Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant (Junior Grade).

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: Enjoys Soccer, Martial Arts (Aikido),
and rock climbing on the Holodeck.

Personal Traits: Abram is a bit of a joker and sarcastic. He shows the proper respect to those deserving but he has been reprimanded several times due to his unpredictable behavior. Becomes angry and bitter when speaking with his father and/or brother, or when discussing them. Has a close attachment to his mother.

Angry and resentful as of late. Snippy to everyone, including authority figures.


Father: Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Jr. (Deceased)
Mother: Veronica Daggett (Deceased)
Brother: Commander Jeremiah Daggett the III

Other Notable Family:

Grandfather: Admiral Jeremiah Daggett Sr. (Retired)

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