Dystopic Universe


The 'Dystopic' universe was inadvertantly discovered in 2376. Here, the Federation had lost the Valkurak War and Earth had been destroyed, though indeed, so much of the galaxy had been left in disarray following the protracted conflict that there could be no discernable winners.

The destruction of the visiting 24th Century time ship USS Auger (which utilised wormhole technology to achieve time travel), Novaq (then Captain) became trapped in the Dystopic universe. However, the distortion of the wormhole trajectory was such that he actually emerged in the future of that alternate.

Several months later the crew of the USS Fearless were propelled by the ship's malfunctioning sentient computer system (ACS) into the still open rift left in the Auger's wake before it closed. The USS Edwin Abbot was brought in and, using technology based on the USS Auger, they were able to recreate a stable wormhole and re-open the gateway to ^002.

The crew of the Fearless eventually returned (with Novaq), but not without heavy losses. In their travels, they were also able to meet up with several of their counterparts, who returned through the wormhole with them for a short time. It was as attempts were being made to return the crew from ^002 to their indiginous universe that the Novaq from the Dystopic Universe kidnapped the daughter of the Novaq in ^000, Christa.

Unlike Elias Novaq, the Novaq of ^002 still bore the original names Jameson Siracuse. He did not have any contact with the person known as Iris Seraphim and was therefore not able to save his daughter (as ^000's Novaq had). This, and fighting a losing battle against the Valkurak Alliance, had broken him somewhat, though he still fought on, abiet rogue and using his own 'unsanctioned tactics'. He was eventually located and Christa returned to the Home universe.

(It should be noted that the term 'dystopic' - like 'mirror' - is only a very broad description for ^002. There are, in fact, many people alive there who are not so in ^000.)

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