Doctor Myria Vantos

Name : Myria Vantos


Rank: Commander

Department : Medical
Position: Chief of Medical

Race : Human
Gender: Female
Place of Birth : Earth
Home Planet : Earth

Age : 36
Height : 1.6 m
Weight : 54 kgs
Hair length : Long
Hair-color : Grey-Silver
Eye color : Pale Blue
Complexion : Light
Physical Notes : Fitted with a Head-Up-Display monocle.

Major Area of Study : Medical
Specialist Area of Study : Genetic and Biological Engineering
Minor Area of Study : Cryptozoology

Family : Legally separated from parents. A husband and son back on Earth.

Service History : USS Hunter. Starbase Trinity Core. Starfleet Medical Hub, Sector 001.
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Myria Vantos was a quiet, thoughtful person who generally shunned socialising with others, preferring to read up on the latest medical journals, drinking Jasmine tea and tending her pet, a white mouse called Pudding. Most of all, she tended to get deeply involved with her work, to the exclusion of others, sometimes shutting herself away for ages working on a project.

Vantos worked at the highest levels of medical science, liable to try experimental treatments and procedures if the opportunity arises: her passion for her work meant she often forgot that patients are people too. Can be a little short with fellow officers if things do not go her way, and her nerves are quick to show if put in an uncomfortable situation.

Her assignment to Starbase Trinity Core changed her outlook somewhat as she was assigned with the long-term treatment of those infected with the Cesere virus, where she managed to form relationships with two individuals. The first was Commander Jennifer Yoshii, an equally practical and hard working officer, with whom she became friends for a short time. The second, which had a longer lasting impact on her, was with Ensign Shaya Aleston.

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