Doctor J'Nathan

Name: J’Nathan
Department: Science / Command

Race: Ba’ku
Home Planet: Ba’ku Homeworld


Age : 157
Height: 5’9
Weight: 155
Hair length: Standard
Hair-color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Complexion: Caucasian
Physical Description: Mature looking yet extremely youthful when compared to his actual age. He wears a neatly trimmed beard.


Lt. Commander (Goes by Doctor)
Major Area of Study: Science (Physics and Astronomy Specialist)
Minor Area of Study: Command


J’Nathan was the first born son of three to geologist parents who worked with the terraforming division of the Ba’ku homeworld. Caught at an early age by their love of planetary sciences, Brian found he excelled at the study of planets, especially in regards to astronomy, despite his planet’s minimalist ways. His parents, proud of his intelligence (and just as annoyed at his constant questioning and seemless energy) often arranged for J’Nathan to go on local science field trips. As he grew up, J’Nathan grew extremely interested in physics and often desired to embark on off-world science missions. However, off-world travel was strictly forbidden by the Ba’ku governing council.

In the late 23rd century, a group of the Ba'ku, disillusioned with the settlement's ways, left the planet and many of these Ba’ku encouraged for J’Nathan to join them. However, J’Nathan refused to leave the planet due to what he considered home-world obligations. He was dubbed a coward by the group, that would later become the Son’a.

Undaunted, J’Nathan continued his scientific studies on the Ba’ku homeworld and it was clear that he was brilliant well beyond Ba’ku standards, and earned a local diploma, equivalent to a PhD in Physics and Astronomy.

In 2375, after the attempted Ba’ku relocation, J’Nathan became intrigued with Starfleet, and despite protests, J’Nathan left Ba’ku to enlist. He over-achieved in the Starfleet science department and clearly had more knowledge than most of his professors. He was immediately given a Federation PhD that recognized his achievements on Ba’ku. J’Nathan was then granted a waver from the standard academy, and went straight to officer’s training.

Although, his primary focus is sciences, he fills in at command roles as needed.

Hobbies and Personal Traits

Hobbies: Reading and research.

Personal Traits: Brilliant, Egomaniac, Sarcastic, Nit-Picky, and chews gum incessantly.

He has an insatiable hunger for knowledge. He is always attempting to learn more. He knows more science than most, but feels he can never learn enough.

Notes of Interest

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