Doctor Heegan Nisrot

Name: Heegan Nisrot
Department: Medical

Race: Bolian
Place of Birth: Bolian Homeworld
Home Planet: Bolian Homeworld


Age: 57
Height: 5’9
Weight: 230 pounds
Hair length: Bald
Hair-color: N/A
Eye color: Dark Blue
Complexion: Blue
Physical Description: Completely bald and overweight.
He has a cartilaginous ridge running vertically along his head.

Major Area of Study: Medical
Specialist Area of Study: Kinesiology
Minor Area of Study: Microbiology


Starfleet Academy and Medical School, 2342-50

USS St. Paul 2350-53

Starfleet Medical Lab Research (Clinical Microbiology) 2353-55

Starbase 11 Assistant Chief of Medical 2355-2356

Starfleet Medical Lab Research (Fungus and Protozoa) 2356-2357

Teaching at Starfleet Medical (Microbiology) 2357-62

USS Hamilton 2362-2369 Chief of Medical

Starfleet Medical Lab Research (Bacteria) 2369-2371

Teaching at Starfleet Medical (Microbiology/Kinesiology) 2371-81

2381: Assigned to Project Infinite

2382: Killed by a Rukukon attack on Trinity Core

Hobbies and Traits

Hobbies: 3 Dimensional Chess and cooking (Bolian Delicacy).

Personal Traits: Well spoken but pompous, and arrogant.
He has a high opinion of himself and tends to look down on
others. He comes off a bit rude. His bedside manor is lacking.
In the medbay, it’s his way or the highway.


Wife: Tyllee
Children: Mineel (Daughter) & Telgean (Son)

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